Guest of Honor Banquet Tickets Now Available

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Guest of Honor Banquet

Start off your convention at our exclusive Guest of Honor Banquet held Thursday evening prior to opening ceremonies. The banquet features a full buffet dinner during which you will have the chance to converse with a Guest of Honor or special guest seated at your table.

LAN Gaming at Norwescon 41

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Our LAN Gaming options this year include a broad library of single-player games in addition to multiplayer games. Check out this list of what we’ll have available, then head up to Maxi’s during the con to get your game on!

Thanks to Blue Sky Hobbies

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Scheduled gaming would like to give a shout out to Blue Sky Hobbies in Bremerton for donating $300 worth of prizes this year! Thank you Blue Sky for supporting gaming so consistently the last few years!

Sign up for the Masquerade!

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NWC Masquerade

Hey there, all you wonderful costumers! Sure, we’re in the last couple weeks of crunch time before Norwescon 38 kicks off, but don’t get so caught up in all those last minute details on your wonderful outfits that you forget to sign up for the Norwescon 38 Masquerade!

Hero Corps: Competitive Questing

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The guild seeks twenty potential heroes willing to pursue the challenges of becoming a champion. The God of Time has commissioned the Hero Corps to retrieve his lost controller. Sign up or come to cheer on your favorite hero in three challenges that will test their wits, cunning, and brawn.