Call for Pros and Panel Ideas

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Call for panel ideas and pro applications!

It takes a village to organize a world-class science fiction and fantasy convention and we depend on hundreds of people to make Norwescon go each year. Here are two ways you can get involved and contribute in these areas!

Introducing the Norwescon Writers Workshop

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2019 will mark a new beginning with the Norwescon Writers Workshop (NWW). The workshop’s mission is the development of writerly skills, teaching the do’s and don’ts along the road to being published, and the deepening of communities.

Artist Workshop Applications are Open

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Have you reached a point with your art that begs for more? At the Artist Workshop you can get the feedback you need to help you grow as an artist. You’ll get real advice from follow artists who are professionals in their field.

Workshops and Youth Programming

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Every day brings us a little bit closer to Norwescon 40, and while we still have a few finishing touches to put on our full programming schedule before it’s announced to the world, we’re happy to debut our Workshops and our Youth Programming!

Norwescon 40 Artist Workshop

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You’ve reached a point with your art that begs for the next step…only, what is that step? Boy, do we have a workshop for you! There is something for everyone at every level.

Keith & Alan’s Movie News & Previews are Back!

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Celebrating our 10th year, Alan Halfhill and partner Keith Johnson are delighted to bring our unique brand of Movie Previews & News back to Norwescon. We commit countless hours of behind-the-scenes toil to bring you the latest movie news, rumors, and trailers out of Hollywood and beyond.

Haute Horror Fashion Show and Tell

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This year, the fashion show at Norwescon 39 will be a showcase of horror haute couture. The call is going out to all dark denizen designers of the night, to leave their crypts and castles and come stalk our runway. Show us your dark passion for fashion, and the pleasure of leather!