Advertising at Norwescon

Program Book Advertising

The Program Book is distributed to 2,000+ members during the convention each year. This approximately 75 page document is produced on high-gloss paper in color and black and white and features information about our Guests of Honor, panelists, pros, the programming schedule for the convention, artwork and more.

Program book advertising rates for Norwescon 45 are:

Full page $400
1/2 page $200
1/4 page $100
1/8 page
(business card)

Print-ready ads must be emailed to no later than February 17, 2023.

Swag Bag Advertising

Swag bags are distributed to our attendees when they pick up their badges. To place fliers or promotional items in the bags, items must be of interest to our membership (for example, having to do with science fiction, fantasy, science, or other areas of fan life). The Norwescon Chair has final say as to what can be included.

Information on contributing items for the Norwescon 45 Swag Bags will be posted later this year.