Advertising at Norwescon

Program Book Advertising

The Program Book is distributed to 2,000+ members during the convention each year. This approximately 75 page document is produced on high-gloss paper in color and black and white and features information about our Guests of Honor, panelists, pros, the programming schedule for the convention, artwork and more.

Print-ready ads must be emailed to no later than February 17, 2024.

Norwescon’s program book is laid out in magazine format and measures 8.5″×11″. We currently offer the following advertising options:

Size Price
Full page, Bleed
measures 8.5″×11″
Full page, Non-Bleed
measures 7″×10″
Half Page – Horizontal
measures 7″×5″
Half Page – Vertical
measures 3.375″×10″
Quarter Page – Horizontal Corner
measures 4.25″×3.75″
Quarter Page – Vertical Corner
measures 3.375″×5″
Eighth Page (Business card) – Horizontal
measures 3.375″×2″
Eighth Page (Business card) – Vertical
measures 2.125″×3.75″

Note: Bleed refers to printing that extends to the edge of a page after printing (“bleeds” off the page). A non-bleed ad will have a white border on all sides.

Only full-page ads have the option of bleed. All other options are only offered as non-bleed. Sizes listed refer to the actual size as it will appear on the page and does not include the border.

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