Special Events

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The Norwescon Special Events Department is responsible for the Masquerade, Children’s Masquerade, Games, Single Pattern Contest, NERF/Lazer Tag, Murder Mystery Pop-Up, Pub Quiz, and various other fun events that do not fall under general panel programming. In the past we have had zombie walks, game shows, poker tournaments, flea markets, swap meets, live-action role-playing (LARPing), paranormal fairs, fashion shows, burlesque, variety shows, film festivals, and more.

In addition to the events linked above, we invite you to explore these events happening this year:

Link to this itemDave O’Neill’s SF&F Pub Trivia Extravaganza
Maxi’s Lounge
Friday, 9–11 p.m.
The definitive SF&F trivia pub quiz experience! Multiple rounds of classic SF&F trivia from the worlds of media, fantasy, SF, and more. There will be a sound round, a picture round, and more. Exciting and not-so-exciting prizes will be offered. Teams of four are preferred. Use of electronic devices, external brains, or telepathy is strictly forbidden. There will be a cash bar to enjoy while you are playing.
Dave O’Neill (M)
Link to this itemPhotos with Krampus and Santa
Lobby Photo Area
Saturday, 1–3 p.m.
Get your 2023 winter holiday season card photo well ahead of time! Bring your camera or cellphone. Krampus and Santa will be on hand for you to snap pics with either or both of them. These two fine, er, people ask only that you make a donation that will be given to the convention’s chosen charity, The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association.
Krampus (M)
Link to this itemTechnobabble or Technowhat?!?
Cascade 10
Saturday, 9–10 p.m.
Do you know your sonic screwdriver from a warp bubble? Tell us all about how your ansible is working and why it hasn’t turned into a time machine yet! Can you tell the difference between technobbable used by scientists, that used by science fiction, and the stuff I made up last night? Only you will know!
Dave O’Neill (M)
Link to this itemDargarth Seattle – First Kingdom
Grand 2
Sunday, noon–3 p.m.
Dargarth is a Seattle-based live-action wargame. We use a sufficient force combat system with simplified magic and armor rules. Players form into teams, or “countries,” and compete for land and glory. Club members will be demonstrating game rules and scenarios. Come out and join us!
Wm Salt Hale (M)
Link to this itemHoedown Superheroes
Lobby Photo Area
Sunday, noon–1:30 p.m.
Howdy partners, welcome to the Hoedown Superheroes photoshoot event! There will be superheroes Wild West style for you to photograph—or you’re welcome to participate! Choose a superhero and create them as if they were in the Wild West (roughly 1865-1895). Anything is fair game, Steampunk, fantasy, Westworld, whatever makes you happy. It doesn’t need to be period, but should be recognizable as the Wild West. You are asked to avoid cultural appropriation in your costume and remember your COVID mask for the photo shoot! If you would like more info on the Hoedown Superheroes, contact Peggy Stewart (peggy@norwescon.org).
Peggy Stewart (M)

The Special Events Department welcomes your suggestions! Send your ideas to Special Events through our contact page.