The Norwescon Shire

Calling all adults who want to assist in leading teens and tweens (ages 13-18) at the Norwescon Shire!

Who are we, you ask? Norwescon Shire is an engagement program focused on integrating teens into the fiber of our rich Norwescon family, alongside but separate from current programming and special events. The Shire’s goal is to help these valuable young people find their voice within the convention.

Is “The Shire” and the Teen Lounge the same thing? Yes and no. The Teen Lounge is a space for the teens and tweens to hang and laze with their friends. The Shire is a list of new adventures for the age group to participate in over the weekend.

Why are we doing this? In the past we have had suggestions asking for more interaction with our tweens and teens. This builds that bridge until younglings to Shirelings become active convention adults!

When are we doing this? All four days of Norwescon and into the future

What do we need? See below for a list of donation items for The Shire. We are looking for craft items, decorations, and prizes. More details will be forthcoming.

How can I help if I am not a teen? We are looking for responsible Shire elders. Your job is to be around and help answer questions which the Shireling may have as they adventure. Elders will be a support system leaned upon to help Shirelings complete their set achievements. Please contact us at ( if you would like more details or to volunteer.

Donation request list

  • ½ yard/fat quarter fabrics. Prefer cotton, cotton blend, fleece, flannel, felt
  • Stamping sets with ink pads
  • Thread: sewing thread, embroidery floss
  • Buttons: 2-hole, 4-hole, shank. No smaller than a shirt button (smallest needed 9MM, 11/32″, Ligne size 14)
  • Safety pins, all sizes
  • Rhinestones, all sized and colors
  • Patches (woven, embroidered)
  • Needles: hand sewing all sizes
  • Lace and brick-a-brack (ribbon)
  • Hook and eyes, all sizes and colors
  • Crochet needles, all sizes
  • Yarn
  • Batting/stuffing
  • Plastic canvas (10 and 14 mesh)
  • Sandwich bags with zip top

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