Becoming A Panelist

Norwescon begins reviewing and choosing panelists and presenters in late July, sends invitations out around the mid-October, and solicits ideas for panels, presentations, and workshops in the fall. We set the schedule in December and then send the whole ball of wax off to our Publications department at the beginning of the year to ensure plenty of time to proofread before we go to print. If you’re interested in participating please fill out this form in mid-July through mid-August to make sure you reach us in time.

Norwescon has a new staff every year, fields interest from hundreds of qualified people who want to be panelists, and has space for just over 200, so the process can be very competitive. We’re always looking for a good balance of skills and specialties, and therefore might turn down impressively qualified people if their skill set overlaps too much with other people we’ve already invited. We start from scratch every year and actively try to cycle through the large number of highly qualified pros available to allow space for new points of view and to keep our content fresh.

What we’re truly looking for in an attending professional is someone who:

  1. Is a genuine expert in their field
  2. Is an engaging and charismatic speaker
  3. Shows up to their panels on time and prepared
  4. Conducts their business with (and at) the convention in a pleasant and professional manner
  5. Lets us know they’re interested!

If you have suggestions for new panel ideas you would like to see at Norwescon, please visit our panel suggestion page.

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