Norwescon 38 Dealers' Room

The Norwescon Dealers’ Room is always packed full of merchants offering the finest in sci-fi and fantasy related goods.

What we’re looking for:

  • Vendors who produce and/or sell products and services that are of science fiction, fantasy, or fannish interest.
  • Vendors who conduct their business with the convention in a pleasant and professional manner.

Hello, Norwescon 43 dealers and writers’ row authors and publishers! Guess what? We’ve decided to reopen the application portal!

That’s right! We are on track for Norwescon 43 to be the best virtual con ever and we want to give all of our valued exhibitors a chance to join us.

As before, display space at our static event site is free, but if you really want to take advantage of all that Norwescon 43 has to offer, you’ll definitely want to purchase an exhibitor’s membership so you can join us in Airmeet, our virtual convention platform. Each exhibitor that purchases a membership will get a booth in our virtual arena, with banner graphics, video capability, and multiple ways to interact with customers, including six (6) video-chat enabled tables!

Exhibitor’s memberships are the same rate as standard memberships—the low, low price of only $35—and include access to the full convention and its events in addition to the extra benefits for your exhibition space listed above.

So apply today! If you’ve already been accepted for the static display but don’t have your exhibitor’s membership yet, contact us at to get all the features that Airmeet has to offer.

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