Single Pattern Contest

Each year, the Single Pattern Contest challenges creative, sewing, and crafting skills by choosing one pattern as the basis for your creativity! The object of the competition is to create a one-of-a-kind creation using this pattern. Some adjustments or changes to the pattern are allowed as long as the end product reflects the original pattern.

Norwescon 46 Winners

Best Beginner Level: Dragon Tamer, by Danielle Tilley
Best Advanced Level: Autumn Dryad, by Martha Eby
Best Workmanship: BookWyrms, by Lynne Magie
Best Expression of “Into the Wylde”: Elven Queen, by Jessica Evans
Best in Competition: Garage sale oh my Garage sale, by Judith Bennett

Judges: Deborah Strub, Morgan Morgans, and Greg Sardo

Norwescon is excited to announce the patterns for this year’s Single Pattern Contest: Simplicity 4795 (S4795) or 4797 (S4797), the child-sized version of the same pattern, by Andrea Schewe. They are very simple “nativity” costumes, but could be creatively made into many other things, including fairies, Elves, and other denizens of the Wylde. The only required piece is one of the four tunic variations, and as many or as few of the over-robes and accessory pieces as the contestant desires.

Competition awards will include, but are not limited to, best workmanship, best use of convention theme, and best in competition. Awards will be given out during the masquerade half-time.

The patterns can be purchased from Simplicity or at your local fabric store.

Simplicity pattern 4795: Misses', Men's, and Teen's Nativity costumes includes tunics, vest, coat, veil, shawl, headcover, belt, crown and wings.
Simplicity pattern 4797: Boy's and Girl's nativity costumes includes tunics, vest, coat, shawl, veil, head cover, belt, crown, and wings.

If you have any questions about the contest or are interested in being a judge, please contact us at

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