Explore your passion or discover a new one at Norwescon 42! All workshops are included with your membership. A few workshops require a small materials fee, which will be collected at the time of the workshop.

Many workshops require advance registration, which you can inquire about in Cascade 1 at the convention beginning Thursday.

Thursday, April 18

Wee Hat Workshop
Olympic 2
3–5 p.m.
In this 2 hour workshop, come and learn how to use buckram and fabric to create your own one-of a-kind wee hat. Participants need to be proficient with hand sewing. Space is limited – sign up in Cascade 1. $5 Materials fee paid to instructor.
Theresa Halbert (M)
Glass Fusing Workshop Part I
Olympic 2
5–7 p.m.
Learn glass fusing with acclaimed space glass artist Joy Day. Participants will create a small fused glass piece, which will be fired overnight and available for pickup on Sunday. A materials fee of $10 will be collected by the instructor. Space is limited to 18 participants. Pre-registration is required. Sign up in Cascade 1 during the convention.
Joy Alyssa Day (M)
Fantasy Balloon Animal Workshop
Olympic 2
8–9 p.m.
This workshop will teach you the basics of inflating, bending, twisting, and transforming balloons into things-made-out-of-balloons! While no experience is necessary, participants must be able to work independently and have manual dexterity. Older teens and adults only, please. Space is limited to 12 participants. A materials fee of $5 will be collected by the instructor.
Mimi Noyes (M)

Friday, April 19

How to Paint a Happy Monster
Olympic 2
Painting monsters. How do you show perspective? How do colors influence the viewer and the final product? Let’s discover the layers hidden behind some happy monsters. Bring your sketchbooks, pencils, and colors if you have them to follow along.
Jon Axlen (M)
Treating Wounds – Workshop
Olympic 2
noon–2 p.m.
Not for the faint of heart or squeamish. This workshop offers hands-on experience treating wounds with needle and thread, splint, and bandage, perhaps even removing an arrow embedded in muscle. Groups of participants will move thru a series of stations dealing with bodily injuries presented in a realistic manner—an absolute must for authors trying to write authentic prose!
Clayton Mann (M), Bill Gruner, Maj. James Franklin (Ret.), Alan Andrist, Adrienne Carlson
Monster Mash for Mature Mad Scientists
Olympic 2
6–8 p.m.
Don your best mad scientist outfit and come create marvelous monsters and creative chimera! We will take cute, fluffy stuffed animals and hack them to pieces to reassemble them in wholly unnatural ways. Warning! Not for the easily distressed or children! We will be working with scissors and needles, so only mature mad scientists may participate. Only rudimentary sewing skills are needed (plush is very forgiving). A sick sense of humor is a plus. $5 materials fee per participant.
Mimi Noyes (M)
Intro to Lace Tatting
Cascade 13
7–9 p.m.
Create your own lace by learning the beautiful art of tatting. Master costumer Joy Day will supply your shuttle and thread and guide you through how to make your own lace and trim. Add extra-delicate detail work to your costumes and jewelry, and also develop a calming and beautiful handwork hobby. $10 materials fee paid to instructor. Limited to 12 participants. Pre-registration is required. Sign up in Cascade 1 during the convention. Additional seats are available for those who wish to watch only.
Joy Alyssa Day (M)

Saturday, April 20

Basic Embroidery Stitches
Olympic 2
noon–2 p.m.
Basic embroidery stitches for crazy quilting and silk ribbon embroidery. Stitches covered: stem stitch, blanket stitch, French knot, feather stitch, herringbone stitch, lazy daisy, and bullion stitch if time allows. Kit included; $5 fee to instructor. Limited to 10 participants. Sign up in Cascade 1.
Brigid Nelson (M), Bethany Roullett
Norse Sword, Shield, & Spear Tactical Combat
Grand 2
noon–1:30 p.m.
Hands-on combat demo. Groups of 20+ participants, equipped with wooden swords, spears, and shields, will learn & practice basic Norse weapon combat skills in a safe, controlled environment. Experience what it is like to participate in the “Shield Wall.” Instructors will provide swords, shields, and spears and train participants. The audience will play an important part in the experience.
Bill Gruner (M), Ann Shilling, Agathon McGeachy, Norman K. Moss, Maj. James Franklin (Ret.), Adrienne Carlson, V Whitlock
Roman Legionary Gladius and Scutum Tactical Combat
Grand 2
1:30–3 p.m.
Teams of 20+ participants, each equipped with wooden gladius (sword), and regulation scutum (shield) will learn & practice basic Roman legionary combat skills in a safe, supervised environment. Learn what it is like to be part of the “Roman Line.” Instructors will provide swords, shields, and training. The audience will play an important part in the experience — scenario: Legionaries ‘attacked’ by barbarians.
Maj. James Franklin (Ret.) (M), Norman K. Moss, Agathon McGeachy, Bill Gruner, Adrienne Carlson, V Whitlock
Life Drawing Workshop
Olympic 2
2–4 p.m.
Come and learn how to draw the human figure with the help of industry professionals using real live models.
Lee Moyer (M), Douglas Herring
Musket & Pike: Killing Men & Horses
Grand 2
3–4 p.m.
Learn how professional armies coordinated the use of long pikes, used by Alexander the Great, with personal firearms (muskets). Participants will experience what it is like to wield a pike and maneuver with (dummy) muskets.
Agathon McGeachy, Bill Gruner, Maj. James Franklin (Ret.), Ann Shilling
Kinetic Sculpture Building
Maxi’s Dance Floor
4–5 p.m.
Each contestant will be issued a kit from which a kinetic sculpture may be assembled. In the following hour, there will be a race. Anyone can participate, but young people must bring an adult to share the fun with. Home-built sculptures are welcome! Email the moderator before the event for rules at sitdownbike@yahoo.com.
Agathon McGeachy (M)
Bead Embroidery Workshop
Olympic 2
4–6 p.m.
This 2-hour hands-on workshop will cover the basics of bead embroidery: supplies needed, options for fabric, stabilizers, needles, and thread. In addition, we can discuss where you can use bead embroidery and how to apply it, from costumes to broaches, bags, and quilts. You’ll get hands-on experience with at least 3 different bead embroidery stitches. Worksheet and supplies will be provided. Limited to 25 participants. Sign up in Cascade 1.
Theresa Halbert (M), Bethany Roullett, Brigid Nelson
Kinetic Sculpture Racing
Maxi’s Dance Floor
5–6 p.m.
Each participant has built a kinetic sculpture in an earlier panel. A round-robin drag race will be held, and the top eliminator will receive a trophy. Spectators are welcome, and so are home built kinetic sculptures! Home builders, please email the moderator before the event for rules.
Agathon McGeachy (M)
Beginnings of Bookbinding
Olympic 2
6–8 p.m.
Let’s delve into the basics of bookbinding: folding, cutting, creating signatures, and putting your text block into a cover. This is a hands-on workshop in which you’ll make a small sample-sized blank book while learning about other non-adhesive based bookbinding techniques. Limited to 20 participants. Pre-registration is required. Sign up in Cascade 1 during the convention.
SunnyJim Morgan (M)

Sunday, April 21

Introduction to Silk-Ribbon Embroidery – Basic Leaves and Roses
Olympic 2
10–11:30 a.m.
Participants should be familiar with the following basic embroidery stitches: French knots, stem stitch, feather stitch. Students will learn to embroider rosebuds, leaves, and antique roses with silk ribbon. Kits will include precut supplies sufficient to complete a needle book for storing sewing/embroidery needles. $10 fee to instructor.
Brigid Nelson (M)
Find Your Instrument
Evergreen 3 & 4
noon–1 p.m.
Have you ever wondered how people figure out what kind of musical instrument they want to play? Several of our pros will bring their instruments and introduce them to people. This is a hands-on workshop; after an introduction of the instruments, participants will be able to try out various instruments and given brief introductions on how to play them by their owners. This panel is aimed at teens and adults. Kids are welcome but must be of an age and attitude appropriate to handle other peoples’ musical instruments!
Dara Korra’ti (M), Klopfenpop, LEX the Lexicon Artist
Olympic 2
noon–2 p.m.
Try your hand at the oldest copier technology around: block prints! You’ll get a demonstration of how to make your very own relief print, and then have the opportunity to carve a block, ink it, print it, and see how easy it is to make multiple original pieces of art! Come prepared with either a drawing or some idea of what you would like to make. Limited to 12 participants. A materials fee of $5 will be collected by the instructor.
Mimi Noyes (M), Bronwyn
Digital Photography Workshop with Dr. Owl
Cascade 13
2–3 p.m.
Dr. Owl will cover the basics of digital camera operation, photographic composition, and pro camera use to make your photography better! Bring your camera (or camera phone) for some hands-on learning.
Dr. Owl (M)