Attending Pros

Norwescon typically invites panelists and pros in the early fall (around mid-October) and solicits ideas for panels, presentations, and workshops from September through October or November. If you’re interested in being a panelist at Norwescon, please review our guidelines and drop us a line!

We are very happy to welcome the following guests, professionals, performers, and panelists to Norwescon 45!

Adrien Etienne Sebrée
Agathon McGeachy
Alaina Ewing
Alan Bond
Ann Shilling
Anne Stewart
Ari Elliot
Bart Kemper
Benjamin Gorman
Berlynn Wohl
Bill Gruner
Brenda Carre
Brenda Cooper
Bri Orsborn
Brian U. Garrison
Brianna Tibbetts
Brittany Torres
Brooks Peck
Cait McKinzie
Camden Rose
Carmen Beaudry
Carol Berg
Caroline M. Yoachim
Casey Dunn
Chance Yager
Charlotte Lewis Brown
Cindy Fangour
Colette Breshears
Conor Tuohy
Coral Moore
Crystal Lloyd
Curtis C. Chen
D.L. Solum
Dan Dubrick
Daryl Gregory
Dave O’Neill
David D. Levine
Dawn Shaw
DJ Wüdi
dQ Kaufman
Dr. Greg Dubos
Dr. Ricky
Dr. Sean Robinson
Dr. Susan Langley
Elise Stephens
Elliott Kay
Ellis Bray

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Interested in being a panelist at Norwescon 46? See our Becoming a Panelist page for information on what we’re looking for!