We are very happy to welcome the following guests, professionals, performers, and panelists to Norwescon 43!

Shweta Adhyam
Barth Anderson
K.G. Anderson
Dr. Dana Andrews
Alan Andrist
Mikko Azul
Steven Barnes
Astrid Bear
Greg Bear
Bill Beats
Carmen Beaudry
Melissa Beeman
Shaylee “Davros” Bell
Carol Berg
Sheye Anne Blaze
Storm Blue
Janet Borowski
Jonathan Brazee
Walt Boyes
Alan Boyle
Arthur Bozlee
K Tempest Bradford
Joseph Brassey
Colette Breshears
Jason Brick
Charlotte Lewis Brown
Jennifer Brozek
Gisella Bustillos
Dan Butler
Kurt Cagle
Annie Carl
Rob Carlos
Adrienne Carlson
Kris Carsrud
Laurie Centauri
Curtis C. Chen
Corbo Cosplay
Tiffany Dae
Glenn Dallas
Rael Daruszka
Dave Davis
Lilith Dawn
Joy Alyssa Day
Adrienne Dellwo
Gabe (G.S.) Denning
Debby Dodds
Sarina Dorie
Dan Dubrick
Tammie L. Dupuis
William Elder
Russell Ervin
Cindy Fangour
Eugene Fasano
Maj. James Franklin (Ret.)
Nick Fraser
Peter Fuller
Tracy Furutani
Allena Gabosch
Gregory Gadow

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Interested in being a panelist at Norwescon 44? See our Becoming a Panelist page for information on what we’re looking for!