Pros and Panelists

We are very happy to welcome the following guests, professionals, performers, and panelists to Norwescon 42!

Ken Alexander
Barth Anderson
K.G. Anderson
Dr. Dana Andrews
Alan Andrist
Astrid Bear
Greg Bear
Bill Beats
Carmen Beaudry
Carol Berg
Jessica Blair
Alan Boyle
Arthur Bozlee
K Tempest Bradford
Joseph Brassey
Mike Brennan
Charlotte Lewis Brown
Kurt Cagle
Kiri S. Callaghan
Adrienne Carlson
Curtis C. Chen
Cheryce Clayton
Brenda Cooper
Bruce R. Cordell
Ren Cummins
Glenn Dallas
Joy Alyssa Day
Gabriel de los Angeles
Dan DeLong
Lee Douglass
Dan Dubrick
Cheryl Dyson
Eva L. Elasigue
Spencer Ellsworth
Russell Ervin
Cindy Fangour
Maj. James Franklin (Ret.)
Nick Fraser
Crystal Frasier
Peter Fuller
Jaym Gates
Danielle Gembala
Craig Laurance Gidney
Stephen L. Gillett
Laura Anne Gilman
Thom Gilster
Peter N. Glaskowsky

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Interested in being a panelist at Norwescon 43? See our Becoming a Panelist page for information on what we’re looking for!