Welcome to the Norwescon Masquerade!

The Norwescon masquerade is open to all convention members of all costuming skill levels and is held on Saturday night of the con. It will be following the International Costumers’ Guild guidelines for rules and skill levels.

Registration and Rules

Masquerade contestants must be registered members of Norwescon 45 in order to participate in the event.

Full rules and registration information will be posted in the fall of 2022.

Norwescon Masquerade Skill Divisions

Contestants must pick a skill division for their entry. The skill division for a group presentation should be determined by aligning it with the highest skill division present among the individual members. If a group has four novices and one master, it must compete in the Master division.

The Rising Star division is for any contestant 13 years of age or younger who is not part of an adult group. Rising Star costumes must be made by the entrant with no more than a minimum amount of supervisory help. An adult-made costume may not be entered in this category and should instead be entered in the appropriate skill division of the adult.

The other competitive classes are Novice, Journeyman, and Master. Please consult this flowchart (235 KB .pdf) to determine your division. Anyone may choose to compete in a higher division than that which is recommended by this chart if they wish, but a contestant cannot compete in a lower division. If you have any questions, email or ask the director at a pre-meeting.

The masquerade director has the right to change your skill division if they think it apt.


Awards are made at the judges’ discretion. The traditional awards are Best In Class (Workmanship), Best in Class (Presentation) for the skill divisions outside of Rising Star, and Best in Show. Other awards are determined as the judges see fit.

Questions or comments? Please contact Special Events through our contact page.