Welcome to the Norwescon Masquerade!

We would like to invite you to participate in the Norwescon masquerade. The Norwescon masquerade is open to all convention members of all costuming skill levels and is held on Saturday night of the con. It will be following the International Costumers’ Guild guidelines for rules and skill levels.


Registration information for the Norwescon 43 Masquerade will be published in early 2021.

Norwescon Masquerade Skill Divisions

Anyone may choose to compete in a higher skill division. Group presentations will be judged based on the highest skill division of the individual members.

Rising Star is for any contestant 13 years of age or younger who is not part of an adult group. Rising Star costumes must be made by the entrant with no more than a minimum amount of supervisory help. An adult-made costume may not be entered in this category and should instead be entered in the appropriate skill division of the adult.

Novice is for any contestant who has not previously won an award for a costume in any masquerade, or who has won a maximum of two awards in the Novice division for different costumes at a world-class convention masquerade such as World Con or Costume Con, or at a regional convention masquerade such as Norwescon or Westercon.

Journeyman is for any contestant who has won a maximum of three awards for different costumes in the Novice division at a world-class or regional convention masquerade.

Master is for any contestant who has won four or more awards for different costumes in the Journeyman or Master division, or who has won one or more Best in Show awards, at a regional or world-class convention masquerade. Professional costumers must enter the Master division.

The masquerade director may change your skill division if needed.

Norwescon Masquerade Videos

Video of the Norwescon 42 Masquerade and many earlier Norwescon Masquerades are available for purchase. Please contact Alan Halfhill directly with inquiries.

DVD – $15; Blu-Ray – $20

Postal address:
Alan Halfhill
P.O. Box 312
Carlsborg, WA 98324-0312

Paypal address: halfmac at mac.com

Questions or comments? Please contact Special Events through our contact page.