Submit Games for Norwescon 44

The games team is looking for people to run games for Norwescon 44. We have lots of space to work with, and can accommodate games of all kinds—board games, card games, role-playing games, miniatures, and story/narrative games!

LARPs at Norwescon 36

Norwescon 36 has yet to hear from any LARP groups who are attending. If you and your LARP group are attending Norwescon this year please contact us via email or leave a comment here. We can help you organize and schedule hotel space for your game during the convention!

Norwescon is looking for Game Masters!

Are you into tabletop, card, roleplaying, or miniature war games? We’re looking for Game Masters to sign up to run games in our Scheduled Gaming room! Our gaming rooms are some of the first to open and last to close every Norwescon.

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