Norwescon 40 Roundup

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It’s once again time for our post-convention roundup of links! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been keeping an eye out for your blog posts, photo sets, and videos from Norwescon 40 to see what all you were saying. Here’s what we found!

NWC40 Swag Now Available

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NWC40 swag at OffWorld Designs

Thanks to our friends at OffWorld Designs, there is a full line up of Norwescon 40 goodies now available! Order yours now, and you can be ready for Norwescon 40 ahead of time!

Norwescon 39 Wrap-Up

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We’ve been keeping an eye out to see what all of you lovely people have been saying about Norwescon 39 since we wrapped things up — here’s a rundown of what we’ve found so far. If you know of something we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments!

Wanted: Your memories!

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While most of our attention is focused on this year’s Norwescon 39, we are also starting to look forward to next year’s Norwescon 40 — and we’d like your help with one of our ideas, especially if you’ve been attending Norwescon for a long time.


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Your friendly neighborhood webmonkeys have been typing away like mad, and while we haven’t managed to come up with any more Shakespeare, we have recently unleashed a slew of updates to the Norwescon website!

Norwescon 36 Reactions

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While we’ve all been taking a couple weeks to rest and recover, we’ve also been keeping an eye out to see what you all have been saying about your time at Norwescon. Here are the links we’ve found so far — and if you know of any that we missed, feel free to let us know!

Norwescon on Twitter

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The official hash tag for Norwescon 35 is #nwc35, and our music track is using the hashtag #nwcmusic. Here’s what all of you are saying about Norwescon (pulled from a search for #nwc35, #nwcmusic, and norwescon)!