Norwescon Gaming

Our virtual Norwescon 43 games area will include plenty of amazing game content, including:

  • Board and card games online from Tabletopia.
  • Party games online from Jackbox Games.
  • Role-playing games online run by Emerald City Game Masters Guild.
    • Emerald City Game Masters Guild was founded in 2019 to lower the barrier of entry into tabletop role-playing games for new players, orphan players, and groups in need of a game master. Our guild is committed to fostering consent-based, engaging environments for players of all backgrounds, especially those who have been marginalized by the TTRPG community.
  • Role-playing games online run by individual game masters.

We will keep updating our offerings as we get confirmation from content providers, so check back.

What role playing games would you like to play? Tell us by filling out this form.

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Still not sure about playing games online? Here are some resources about playing games in a virtual environment: