After sitting in panels and attending more sedentary events during the day, come and get your blood flowing at night with our themed dances! This year we’re excited to have all three dance nights back in the grand ballrooms, featuring a variety of DJs playing many different styles of music, hits, and fannish crowd pleasers to get your groove on. All dances are open to all ages. There will be a cash bar available for adult members. Costumes are encouraged, of course. Bring old friends and meet new people as you shake that thing!

Thursday: Multiverse of Music with DJ Wüdi

After the opening ceremonies, come get moving at the Multiverse of Music with DJ Wüdi! Spinning dance tunes crossing decades, styles, and genres, with something for everyone. From con standards to pop hits, from dance floor classics to modern mashups, new wave to dark wave, enjoy an evening of eclectic tunes chosen to keep the dance floor moving.

Friday: Wild Cards with DJ Equus

DJ Equus is back, shuffling through fan favorites, dancefloor taps, and obscure audio draws. His musical manipulation will keep you coming back for every sonic hand, and by the end of the night, you’ll know you hit the jukebox jackpot.

Saturday: Intergalactic Sock Hop with mc300baud

Join us in the Universe Ballroom (aka “The Grands”) as mc300baud spins a late-night barrage of popular hits and fannish favorites from the last five decades. Whether you prefer to spray with the Sprinkler, get down with the Dougie, do the Time Warp, or just hang out and socialize, there will be something for everyone. Removal of shoes, flippers, clogs, or other foot-coverings not required.

NWC45 Song Request

Our DJs are here to keep you happy and are happy to play requests! Tell us what you'd like to hear and when you'd like to hear it, and we'll do our best to come prepared!

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Don't worry if you don't know, this just makes it easier for our DJs to track down the more obscure stuff.
Anything you'd like to add to sweet-talk the DJ? Is there a particular reason for this request? Half-remembered lyrics of that one track that one DJ played kinda late, but not too late, last con, on the Friday night dance, but it might have been Saturday, maybe even Thursday, but probably Friday, that was really good and got everybody going, but you've never been able to quite track it down? Yeah, that one!

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to Special Events through our contact page!