Dances at Norwescon

After sitting in panels and attending more sedentary events during the day, come and get your blood flowing with our themed dances! We’ll have dances Thursday and Saturday featuring many different styles of music and a variety of DJs to get your groove on. Costumes are encouraged and fannish classics are always crowd-pleasers. Bring old friends and meet new people as you shake that thing!

Thursday Night DanceStorm With DJ Equus

Stampede through the night with DJ Equus, featuring his herd of dance hits, con classics, obscure gems, and pop wonders. He’s aimin’ on keepin’ the dance floor shakin’ until the night crawlers go to roost.

Saturday Night Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster Dance with DJ TeeeBone

Right after the Masquerade come dance the night away with DJ TeeeBone and his collection of Top 40 and classic fan favorites!

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