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Advertise in the Norwescon 35 Program Book

The Norwescon Program Book is distributed to 3,000+ members during the convention each year. This approximately 75 page document is produced on high-gloss paper in color and black and white and features information about our Guests of Honor, panelists, pros, the programming schedule for the convention, artwork and more. Ad space is available in the Norwescon 35 Program Book.

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We are live!

While we’ve done everything we can to have a lot of information ready, it’s still nearly a year until Norwescon 35 rolls around, so there’s still a lot of information yet to come! In the coming days, weeks, and months, we’ll have announcements of additional Guests of Honor, exciting events, and all the other good stuff you’ve come to expect over the years. Though it seems far away now, it won’t be long at all until we kick off our thirty-fifth year!