Norwescon 35 Science Guest of Honor: Bridget Landry

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Norwescon is proud to announce Bridget Landry as our Artist Guest of Honor for Norwescon 35!

Bridget Landry

Science Guest of Honor Bridget Landry

Bridget Landry was educated as a chemist and planetary scientist, trained as an engineer, and has worked in spacecraft operations for more than 20 years. She has worked on the Hubble Space Telescope, the joint US-French oceanographic Earth-orbiter Topex, the (wildly successful!) Mars Pathfinder project, and the Cassini mission to Saturn. Ms. Landry is currently a team member of the Dawn mission, which begins a year-long orbital mission at the asteroid Vesta in mid-2011, then departs to rendezvous with and orbit the asteroid Ceres in 2015. She also takes great interest in the advancement of women in technical fields, and the helps and bars to their progress, as well as in the problem of sparking and maintaining girls’ early interest in science and math. In her technical hat, she has been on science-related panels at WorldCons, local, and regional conventions.

With the other side of her brain, Ms. Landry is a Master Level costumer with a twisted sense of humor, (Google “Strauss Waltz Assault Team“), and a fondness for ST:TOS. She has been on panels and won Masquerade awards from the local to the WorldCon level.