Positions Available in Special Events!

We have many fun volunteer and staff positions available in Special Events! To apply for any of the following positions, contact us at specialevents@norwescon.org, or stop by our monthly planning meetings to volunteer in person. We’re looking for help with the following events:

Speed Friending

We need one person to manage this easy, low-key event for members to get to know other members. Besides explaining how things work (a 2-3 minute speech), staff would need to be sensitive to those who feel uncomfortable, make seating arrangements for those who are less mobile, and keep time. It should be a fun event! These events will be one hour and will happen both Thursday evening and Friday daytime. We will also need one assistant to help keep things wrangled.

Scheduled Games

Run a Scheduled Game

We need DMs, GMs, STs and Referees! Both for adult games and G to PG-13 offerings for younger members. Plan to be newbie-friendly and offer a Reader’s Digest version and pre-genned PCs, or you can specify a certain player experience level. Tell us what system you’d like to run, how many 3-4 hour sessions, and if there are any scheduling or accessibility issues to keep in mind.

Be a Scheduled Games Volunteer

Be a scheduled games volunteer by signing up in two-hour shifts. You will watch over the games areas in Rotunda 1 & 2 answering questions and helping people find their scheduled game table, or help people check out games for open games in the Cascades.

Dance and Variety Show Positions

Dances are back! We will have dances every night (including a Fae Ball!), plus a Variety Show event (comedy/improv/live music). We need help for them all:

Set Design, Crafting, and Decoration

If you are unable to attend the con, we will miss you, but we could still use your help! The dances need decorations, and the Fae Ball needs a lot of decorating, so we need set designers/painters and other crafty people to help us prep items to be moved into the grand ballroom. Items must be easy to move and set up, and as members will be inside the set, the decor will also need to be safely anchored and/or out of reach. You do not have to supply materials unless you wish to do so—we will provide what you need.

Not a crafty person? Help us find decor supplies for free or cheap! We want to keep our costs down as much as possible, so we’re already looking now for supplies. Check Buy Nothing groups, watch out for garage sales or estate sales where they might have good finds. We’re especially looking for faux ivy, faux trees, a bower, a wedding arch, and green covers for the chairs.

Stage Managers, Stagehands, Lighting and Sound Design

Will you be at the con? Do you like to set up atmosphere? FABULOUS! We need you! We need staff to stage manage dances and the variety show, or to take charge of major aspects across all. We need a lighting designer, ideally someone who can do light and sound design and setup (there will be A/V staff for the actual equipment).


We have a DJ for the Fandom dance Thursday, but need a DJ for the Fae Ball, with a collection of otherworldly/goth/pagan/fantasy soundtrack music for the first 30 minutes (for the otherworldly parading of costumes), and then a wide variety of dance music afterwards. We also need a DJ for the Friday night dance, which will not start until at least 10:30.

Variety Show

We need an emcee for our Variety Show to keep things running smoothly.

Also, if you know performers who would be interested in the variety show, tell them to contact us! It is Norwescon’s policy not to pay performers, but they are more than welcome to sell their CDs and other merchandise during the show.


The Masquerade is the biggest event of the con! All positions below are primarily for Saturday of the con, with some pre-event prep for part of Friday afternoon. If you love to check out costumes up close and personal, one of these jobs might be for you!

Front of House Manager

The Front of House Manager is in charge of the audience seating, ADA and other reserved seating, and all things in the front of the stage.

Back of House

We have someone for the Back of House manager, but they need right-hand assistants.

Masquerade Emcee

We need a Masquerade emcee to keep the pacing running smoothly.

Other Masquerade Needs

  • Workmanship Judges: Fabulous skills in sewing and craft work? Help judge.
  • Presentation Judges: Judging the presentation on stage.
  • Den Parents: Help the masquerade contestants during the contest to make sure they’re prepared and calm.
  • Stage Ninjas: Like to wear black? You get to act like a sneaky ninja and place props and help contestants not fall off the runway or stairs.
  • Judge’s Clerks: Help the judges stay organized as they judge the masquerade and make their decisions.
  • Runners: Help guide the masquerade contestants to the photo area and back along with any other running we need.

Nerf and Lazer Tag

Volunteers are needed to be referees during free play events and to help set up and tear down. Help is needed at con Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

We need an emcee for Closing Ceremonies! We may have someone for Opening Ceremonies.

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