The Schedule of Events is Live!

This entry was published on March 7, 2017 and may be out of date. For the most current information on this year's Norwescon, please see our most recent blog posts. Thank you!

Our Programming, Special Events, and Gaming departments have been hard at work over the past few months putting together another excellent year of wall-to-wall, dawn-to-dusk-and-beyond programming covering science fiction, fantasy, science, costuming, writing, art, and much more…and now, the time has come to let you all dive in and see what we have in store for you at Norwescon 40!

Looking for panels, programming, and events? Head over to our main Schedule of Events page, or jump directly to the listings for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Looking for Gaming? Four days of tabletop board and card games, RPGs, and more are ready for you on our Gaming Schedule!

And of course, we are once more using the Guidebook mobile app to give you on-the-go access to Norwescon 40 right from your iPhone or Android device! Our Guidebook is still being populated with information, and you’ll probably notice pretty quickly that the programming isn’t quite there yet — but we expect to have that uploaded soon. Go ahead and download the guide, see what’s there now, and you’ll be ready to go as soon as our programming information is added!

With just a little over five weeks to go, you’ve got plenty of time to pore over our offerings and see what you’ll be doing (and how many times you’ll need a Time Turner to get to everything you want to see) at Norwescon 40!

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