Single Pattern Contest Winners

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Our congratulations to each of the costumers who bravely entered the Single Pattern Contest and showcased their skills and hard work.

Single Pattern Contest Simplicity 8770

This year, the Single Pattern was the Simplicity Cape/Cloak pattern.  A cape or a cloak can seem deceptively simple but they can be great canvasses on which fiber artists can create great works of original art.

Tonight we wish to recognize some outstanding features of each cape or cloak and then announce our Best In Show winner.

For taking the basic pattern and then making her own skillful alterations and additions to make a double breasted front closing cloak, we are pleased to recognize Hazel for Outstanding Pattern Manipulation.

Our next entry fearlessly took on a complicated series of surface embellishments to create a classic dragon scale effect with individually cut and applied suede scales.  For her ambition and dedication to seeing the project through to completion and adding nice finishing construction in the binding of the whole cape we recognize Lina as our Best Novice in the Single Pattern Contest.

A cloak can evoke glamour, mystery or drama.  Our next entry is being recognized for creating an elegant feeling of luxe, using synthetic lynx fur and lining the cloak in silk and satin, we are pleased to recognize Ann Shilling for her successful use of difficult fabric in creating an Outstanding Couture Look.

Our next cloak showcased a lot of thoughtful design and planning to recreate and celebrate the skies of Seattle, with a starry night lining on the inside and a silvery, cloudy exterior – artfully streaked with lines of silver ending in raindrop beads, a back ruffle of silver tassled fringe and rich white fur to frame the hood and hand openings, we are pleased to recognize Rebecca Demarest for Overall Charm and Whimsy.

In recognition of great workmanship, including hand beading of trim braid and then couching the trim by hand in a variegated pattern across the hem of the full cloak, lace applique work, feather work, including making original feather accessories and embellishments that were not part of the original pattern, for outstanding handwork and Best Use of the Con Theme, we are pleased to recognize Ceresa O’Bryan.

And finally, for excellence in character design and elegant execution, for exquisite hand embroidery and couched braid detailing, for the successful integration of hundreds of silk flowers and thoughtful choices that allows the cloak to flow and flutter outside but still retain it’s clean look with a detachable sweeper dust ruffle on the inside, the judges feel that the Cloak themed after the goddess of spring, Persephone by Alison Owen is our worthy winner of Best in Show.

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