2014 Fandance Film Festival Lineup

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Congratulations to the following films, which have been chosen as official selections of the Fandance Film Festival at Norwescon:

  • “The Screamwriter”
  • “Rain Dance”
  • “Time Yarns”
  • “Welcome to Hellcon”
  • “Naming the Unnameable”
  • “Moonsong”

It seems likely that there will be cast or crew of each of the movies there at the convention, for Q&A and introductions, so this should be a ton of fun!

We’re very excited about this year’s lineaup and hope you enjoy watching the movies as much as we enjoyed watching them!

In addition to these films, we’ll be showing the film made as part of the Let’s Make a Movie workshop, and we miiiiight have a bonus movie from one of our favorite filmmakers!

See you Sunday April 20 at Norwescon, from noon-2pm in Evergreen 1&2!