Coming up at the Sunday Robotics Fair

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Xandon Frogget will be bringing a few of his projects along to the NWC Robotics Fair, including an autonomous wheelchair that uses an Xbox Kinect sensor to navigate. More information about his work can be found at Daddio Robotics.

We will also have 12 Brushbot kits on hand for younger kids to make. For others that are interested in getting started with robotics, we will have 5 special Arduino based robot kits available for $35 and we will even show you how to get them going.

Note: If you wish to build one of the 5 robot kits, bringing a laptop is recommended, but not required. We will have a few computers set up for programming robots, but space may be limited.

If you are already a robot guru and want to bring your robot to show off, send us a message at and tell us all about it. Or, simply come down to Grand Ballroom 3 on Sunday, April 20th from 10 a.m. to noon.