Each year at Norwescon one of the most popular programs outside of the combined attendance of our multiple dances are the combined Movie Previews. For the seventh year my partner Alan Halfhill and I commit multiple sessions and countless hours of behind-the-scenes toil to bring you the latest movie trailers, news and rumors out of Hollywood and beyond.

But we’re so much more than that. We highlight the latest trends, innovations, and challenges facing the industry. And also the wider entertainment culture; TV shows, home video, theme parks–the whole gamut! And for our fans of the Previews, we bring in da swag! Whatever we get from the studios or publicity agencies we pass along to you, our loyal customers. Now how much would you pay?

We have been given FOUR opportunities for full-frontal media assault, here’s our schedule.

Friday: Previews Show #1 – 1-3pm – Grand 3 — Our biggest screen, our best sound, our largest space–we’re supersized! In our most popular, best-attended panel of the weekend we talk trailers, movies, the industry, trends, news–the whole enchilada.

Friday: Family Previews – 3:30-4:30pm – Olympic 1 — In the Family Track Room we do an hour of just family-friendly previews geared to the interests of our younger set. Though older folks are always welcome.

Saturday: Masquerade half-time – Our “speed round,” a concise summation of what’s coming mixed with news. But in something different this year, the Movie Previews Halftime will not be broadcast to the hotel. So if you want to see the show, you have to be in Grand 3!

Sunday: Previews Show #last – 12-2pm – Evergreen 1-2 — Our final panel includes more stories, more rumors and gossip, as well as the best of the weekends trailers. And there’s always the notorious, “why? Why? WHY?”

We hope to see you at one or more of our panels this year. Why not collect the whole set?

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