News from Norwescon December 2022

This entry was published on December 1, 2022 and may be out of date. For the most current information on this year's Norwescon, please see our most recent blog posts. Thank you!

COVID-19 Policy—Your Input Is Requested

A COVID virus wearing a blue disposable face mask.As the world and the pandemic continue to change, Norwescon needs your input in formulating our COVID-19 policy for the convention in April. To collect your thoughts on what steps the con should take, and require of our members, we are hosting an online forum on Zoom on Wednesday, December 7, at 7 p.m. If you are unable to attend, please send your feedback to

Norwescon’s Bibliophiles Read Krampus and Snow Crash

Book covers for Krampus and Snow CrashJoin Norwescon’s official book club on December 11 for Krampus: The Yule Lord by Brom and a holiday brunch. In January we’re back to virtual meetings on January 16 for Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Two fantastic authors of the Pacific Northwest! Go to our Facebook group for more information.

Volunteer Positions Open for Norwescon 45

Signs Lead

Norwescon is looking for someone to take charge of signage. Signs help attendees and pros get where they want to be—and there are a LOT of cool places to be at con. We need a well-organized person willing to take on our inventory and work with all departments to ensure signage is readable and accurate. Contact us at if you are interested and would like more information!

Social Media Lead

Love social media? Love science-fiction and fantasy? Norwescon has a strong social media presence, but we need volunteers to help us keep it that way. Meld your interests and help us spread the love of Norwescon across the web! We are on a variety of platforms and are open to new ideas. Contact us at if you are interested and would like more information!

News From the DoubleTree Dragon Inn

Hey, made you look! No, the DoubleTree hasn’t changed the name of the hotel, but I sure will keep asking…. Maybe just for April 5–9, 2023. We’ll see.

I’d like to share a few things happening that you should know for booking a room. The hotel is currently taking reservations, and we encourage you to book a room as soon as possible. This will help Norwescon plan for the convention, from budgeting to programing.

When placing your reservation, please use the links from our Hotel page, or use the code “Norwescon,” “Norwescon 2023,” or “Sci-Fi Convention.” The rates for a standard hotel room, either two queens or one king bed, are $152 per night for up to four people, with an extra $10 to add a fifth person, which is the max per room. Don’t forget to ask if you need a rollaway bed—they go fast! These prices are the same regardless of where your room is located in the hotel. Please keep in mind that the hotel will try its best to accommodate location requests, but it isn’t always possible due to outside booking (non-convention folks) or other factors.

The prices for suites are:

  • Presidential – $398
  • Parlor (King) – $348
  • Lakeside – $348
  • Family – $268

These rooms are held by Norwescon, so after placing your reservation go to our website to ask to be assigned to a suite. If you’re interested in why we do it this way, send me an email for more information. If you plan to have an open-door party, you must request a room in the party wing, which will be Wing 5 and 5b of the hotel. You must register your party onsite with the convention office before it begins. If you are having a closed-door party, meaning by-invitation-only, it can be anywhere you wish.

The other big news is that Norwescon and DoubleTree have completed discussions and signed contracts for the next three years. Norwescon and the DoubleTree have a strong partnership. They not only consider us an important part of their business, but above all truly appreciate us and our members. It’s almost as fun for them as it is for us! The hotel staff look forward to us arriving more than any other convention. Take my word for it, they go above and beyond for us.
Well, that is it for now. If you have questions, please email me at and I’ll be happy to help.


Pat Booze, hotel liaison Norwescon 45

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