Masquerade, Art Show, and Single Pattern Contest Winners

This entry was published on April 17, 2022 and may be out of date. For the most current information on this year's Norwescon, please see our most recent blog posts. Thank you!

We at Norwescon would like to extend our congratulations to all the winners of our Masquerade, Art Show, and Single Pattern Contest, and to thank everyone who entered. You all do wonderful work, and we loved being able to see it in person again!

Single Pattern Contest

Best of Show: Martha Eby (E-B), Transylvanian Embassy Visit, Or Not!

Best Novice: Melissa Cook, Lady Mel’s Top Hat

Judge’s Choice: Laura Honeycutt, Tatteted Hat (virtual entry)

Best Use of Materials: Victoria Beegle, The Odyssey

Audience Choice: Victoria Beegle, The Odyssey

Art Show

The Norwescon Art Show is proud to announce this year’s Art Show Award winners. We would like to thank all of our artists for their outstanding contribution to this year’s show.

Judges Choices:

Best in Show: R. R. Meisler, Chromebot

1st place: Brittany Torres, The Lady of Shallot

2nd Place: TheCreepingMoon, The Harvest

3rd place: SunnyJim Morgan, Floral Plague Doctor and Floral Skull Hat

Best Color: Rob Carlos, The Hill We Climb

Best Black & White: Theresa Mather, Heart of the Storm

Best Mixed Media: Vandy Hall, Cat Fish Tail

Best 3D: Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk, Rest Stop

Best Textile: Theresa Halbert, In the Time of Covid

Best Jewelry: Lynne Magie, Vortex

Artist GoH Pick: Michael Brugger, Off the Grid

People’s Choice Awards:

Best Humor: Douglas Herring, Cthulhu Minion

Best Horror: Rob Carlos, Z-Sleeping Princess

Best Sci-Fi: Michael Brugger, Off the Grid

Best 3-D/Jewelry: David Lee Pancake, Vent Dragons

Best Fantasy: Brittany Torres, The Last Flight of Icarus

Best in Show: Brittany Torres, Lady of Shallot

We would also like to thank this year’s panel of Judges:  Rob Carlos, Eric Webber, Don Lacky, and Doug Booze for their generous time and knowledge in helping judge this year’s show. And a big thank you to all of the members who took the time to vote for the People’s Choice Awards.

We would like to congratulate this year’s recipient of the Art Show Apprentice award, Tracey Carlos.


Workmanship Awards

Novice, Best in Class: River EstesMonica from Doki Doki Literature Club

Journeyman, Judge’s Choice for the Comfiest PJ’s in the Universe: Salt, The Universe

Journeyman, Best in Class: Taylor Tomblin, One Afternoon In April

Master, Judge’s Choice: Rogue, Diana Daniels, and Lindie Schmidt, Queens of the World for Their Disney D&D Party

Master, Best in Class: Torrey Stenmark, Padme Nabarrie Keeps A Blog

Awards for Performance

Novice, Judge’s Choice: Everest, Queen’s Treasures

Novice, Best in Class: Cindy Fangour, It’s Almost Murder

Journeyman, Judge’s Choice, for Great Choreography: Christopher Corbitt, Geralt

Journeyman, Judge’s Choice for Their Excellent Theme: Julianna Robinson, Oktena Theurge

Journeyman, Best in Class: Heather Fleischman, Belle

Master Class, Judge’s Choice: Zamesta Cosplay, Ice Imp Matriarch

Master, Best in Class: Rogue, Diana Daniels, and Lindie Schmidt, Queens of the World for Their Disney D&D Party


Alicia Faires, Victorian Princess Leia Organa

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