Norwescon Speculative Film Fest Lineup Announced

This entry was published on February 3, 2022 and may be out of date. For the most current information on this year's Norwescon, please see our most recent blog posts. Thank you!

The Norwescon Speculative Film Fest is proud to announce the films which have been accepted for our 2022 festival. These films will be shown Thursday and Friday nights at Norwescon. This is a truly international film festival; we will be showing films from 13 countries.

Short Films:
A Change in Time (UK), Alder (UK), Creature of the Night (USA), Dark Before Dawn (USA), EP (USA), Eraser // The Love Project (Japan), Flour Girls (USA), HOOD: A Star Wars Story (USA), Hunger (Mexico), I/O (USA), Kairos, Qualitative Time (Spain), Kriss De Valnor (Poland), Le Varou (France), Love Conquers… (USA), Mariposas (USA), Mijo (Mexico), Nanny (Spain), Nova (Canada), Painting By Numbers (Australia), Patron (UK), Pretty (China), Ryoko’s Qubit Summer (Japan), Stalled Trek: The City On the Edge of Foreclosure (USA), Subscribed (USA), Such An Honor (USA), The Ravin’ (USA), The Sands of Time (UK), The Shoes of Lady Lescaire (Germany), The Wish & The Wisp (USA), Tim Travers & the Time Travelers Paradox (USA), TRUTH.exe (New Zealand), Wawel Dragon (UK), What Remains of Emily (USA)

Micro Short Films:
10/31/1985 (USA), A Journey to the Moon (USA), Futures Within (Canada), Michael! (USA), Nightmares (Canada), Sakuntula (Spain), Stray (USA), The Killdren Are Coming (USA), Time Glider (USA), Zombie Sharkageddon II (Australia)

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