Saturday Night Lobby Photoshoot Update

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The safety and comfort of all Norwescon members is of the utmost importance.  That is why we have made some revisions to our photography policies in the post-Masquerade photo area.

We will once again be setting up our post-Masquerade photo area in the hotel lobby on Saturday evening.  In order to ensure a safe and affirming atmosphere for all participants, Norwescon photographers will be the only photographers allowed in the chairs closest to the photography area (Norwescon staff photographers can be identified by their staff badges).  Additionally, Norwescon staff photographers will be the only photographers allowed to provide direction to participants.

People wanting to take photos of participants are invited to do so; however, non-staff photographers will need to remain behind staff photographer chairs and refrain from communicating or providing direction to participants at all times.  Security may also direct individuals to move to different areas in order to ensure adequate traffic flow as the lobby area may become crowded between panels, the masquerade, and other evening activities.

We appreciate everyone’s help and support in making sure all Norwescon members experience a safe and welcoming environment!