Pictures and video are a great way to remember Norwescons past. Norwescon shares our official photos via our Flickr account and video on our YouTube channel, and we have created a number of Flickr groups (one for each year we’ve been around) that anyone with a Flickr account is welcome to contribute to. This is especially true for the groups for Norwescon 25 and earlier, as many of those are currently entirely empty!

If you have photos that you would like to share, you can either add them to the appropriate Flickr group, or you can simply contact our Webmonkeys through our contact page and let us know that you have images to share.

Have photos from Norwescon 41?
Our Norwescon 41 Flickr Group is open and collecting photos! We’re looking forward to all of you sharing your photos of Norwescon 41 with us and with your fellow congoers. Please remember to tag your photos with the #nwc41 hashtag so we can find them easily!

You may want to review our photography guidelines — don’t worry, they’re simple; we’re very photographer-friendly!

Norwescon 41: March 29–April 1, 2018

We are in the progress of posting our photos to our official Flickr account, and we’d love it if you tagged your shots with “nwc40” or “norwescon” and shared them in the public group for Norwescon 41!

For photos and video from earlier years, please see our history page.