Norwescon 44: #AllVaxxed #AllMasked

Norwescon 44: #AllVaxxed #AllMasked

Norwescon is more than just a convention: it is a community. As such, we all have a duty to protect each other and keep our community safe.

Norwescon 44 will be following all applicable local mandates, and additionally, will require all attending members to show proof of full vaccination and wear a mask at all times while inside.

What does that look like? Upon arriving at the hotel, you will need to put on a mask, and keep it on at all times unless you are in your own hotel room, outside, or actively eating or drinking. At registration, you will need to provide your proof of vaccination, with the final shot being on or before March 31, 2022 to receive your badge. Seating will be less compact than you may be accustomed to. Try to maintain social distancing.

The Norwescon 44 team is watching the progression of the pandemic closely. We’ll follow the science and make changes as necessary to keep our members, staff, and professional guests safe. If you have questions or concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines available, please check out this great web page from the CDC: Myths and Facts about the COVID-19 vaccines.

What about people who can’t be vaccinated?

We’re sorry you won’t be able to attend in person this year. While we recognize there are individuals who cannot be vaccinated, we will not make exceptions to the policy. This includes persons who have medical reasons for not being vaccinated and children who are under the age of vaccine approval. We hope that a coronavirus vaccine that is approved for children will be available in time for the convention, but regardless of this circumstance, children who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will not be permitted to attend.

As we plan, we will be investigating which parts of an in-person convention we might be able to provide virtually for members who are unable to attend in person. We do not have anything to announce at this time, but encourage you to keep an eye on our website and social media channels as the year progresses to see what we are able to offer.

Will you refund my membership if I can’t attend because I’m not vaccinated?

Yes – if you or a member of your family cannot be vaccinated, and therefore you cannot attend, we will refund your membership. Please contact

What do you mean by “fully vaccinated”?

To be considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you must have received the second shot of a two-dose mRNA vaccine (such as Moderna and Pfizer) or a single dose vaccine (such as Johnson & Johnson) no later than March 31, 2022, which is two weeks prior to the start of Norwescon.

We also strongly recommend having received your booster shot (third shot in a Moderna/Pfizer sequence, or second shot in a Johnson & Johnson sequence).

How serious are you about this mask thing?

COVID-19 vaccines are an important tool to help stop the pandemic, but they don’t mean we can stop taking all precautionary measures. Properly worn masks covering nose and mouth are required for all convention members and guests in all convention spaces, except when actively eating or drinking. Failure to comply is a Code of Conduct violation and may result in your badge being revoked.