Artist Registration

Welcome to the Norwescon Art Show registration system

The Norwescon Art Show consistently highlights some of the best in fantasy and science-fiction themed artwork of all types. Featuring work by many regional artists, we delight in bringing the best possible artwork to you.

The Norwescon Art Show is now accepting applications. All art must comply with our rules, and we reserve the right to reject an artist’s application. We accept art from both attending and mail-in artists. The Norwescon Art Show is one of the largest science fiction and fantasy convention art shows in the country.

Please review the polices and snapshot document linked below for important information before registering:

What we’re looking for:

  • Professional and amateur artists who produce work that is of science
    fiction, fantasy, or fannish interest.
  • Artists who conduct their business with the convention in a pleasant
    and professional manner.

Art Show Space

  • Panel Space: 4′ × 4 ½′ hanging area (maximum four (4))
  • Table/Floor Space: 2 ½′ × 3′ display area (maximum two (2))
  • Print Shop: Maximum 50 items with no more than 10 copies per item.

Address for Mail-in Art

Attn: Art Show
100 Andover Park W Suite 150-165
Tukwila, WA 98188-2828

One full display four-panel setup.
One full display four-panel setup.
Art Show Panels In Use
Art Show Panels In Use (our thanks to Rob Carlos for granting permission to use his display as an example)


  1. Request display space by clicking the Art Show Registration button to access (or create) your Norwescon account.
  2. After acceptance notification receipt click the Art Show Registration button to pay for your display space.
  3. Enter art pieces & print bid tags by clicking on the Enter Art button.

Questions on any of this? Please contact the Art Show managers, Doug Booze, Jeff LaCoss, and Moe LaCoss, at

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