Announcing Norwescon’s New Antiracisim Statement, Code of Conduct, and Harassment Policy

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At Norwescon we believe in periodically reexamining policies which are important to the convention. This year’s executive team appointed a committee to review Norwescon’s harassment policy, adopted in 2013. After several months engaged in meetings and sensitivity review, we are pleased to announce the new policy in advance of our virtual convention.

The policy has expanded to include an antiracism statement, code of conduct, and harassment policy. The committee’s work also included amending the convention’s mission statement to be congruent with the new policies. Norwescon is excited to more explicitly recognize the role it plays in uplifting marginalized voices in our community and to declare that we are an antiracist organization.

You may view the new Code of Conduct here. If you have questions or feedback for us, please write to the revision committee at