Norwescon 2019 Camping Trip

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It’s the Norwescon Camping Trip! Come be nerds in the woods with members of our Norwescon community.

Here’s the lowdown:

When: Friday to Sunday, August 23, 24, and 25

Where: Taidnapam Park, in Lewis County

How Much: We divide the cost of the group campsite among everyone who comes. This usually works out to between $15-20 per person for the weekend.


  • All members and friends of Norwescon are welcome, not just volunteers or staff!
  • Everyone is responsible for their own transportation, food and gear.
  • There may be a burn ban, so be prepared to make food without a fire, if necessary. We’ll try to know before we go, and communicate with everyone about the status of campfires.
  • There is space for campers and RV’s, but no hookups. Plenty of room for tents.
  • Alcohol is allowed, as long as it’s not in a keg.
  • No amplified music is allowed, so leave that boom box in the 80’s where it belongs.
  • You can bring your dog, but your dog needs to be in your tent at night, and can’t be barking and keeping people awake. Also, scoop that poop.
  • No fireworks, firearms, or drones.

How do I sign up?

Email with the number of people and what kind of equipment (tent/camper/etc.) by August 15. We’ll be in touch to confirm.