Norwescon 36 is over, and we hope you all enjoyed this year’s convention as much as we did! We are always open to your feedback on what went well or what could be improved for next year’s convention. You can send feedback to us in a number of ways:

  • Leave a comment on this post,
  • leave a comment on our Facebook page,
  • send comments via Twitter by including the #nwconion (for improvements) or #nwcrose (for kudos) hashtags,
  • use the “Feedback” link that we just added to our Guidebook app with the latest update,
  • or email us directly at

We’re on the lookout for your blog posts and write-ups about your experiences at con. We’ll be posting a selection of links in a week or so, and while we’ll do our best to find as many as we can, please feel free to get in touch with us through any of the above mentioned methods with any links you might find.

We’re also looking forward to seeing this year’s convention through your eyes! Upload your photos to Flickr and add them to this year’s Norwescon 36 photo group! Our official photographs will start to appear on our Flickr and Facebook accounts in the next few weeks, after our photography crew has had time to sort through the thousands of photos they took over the course of the weekend (not to mention catch up on sleep)!

Thanks from all of us on the Norwescon 36 ConCom to all of you who attended, our volunteers, the pros and panelists, dealers and artists, the hotel, and of course, our wonderful Guests of Honor. We’ll see you again next year for Norwescon 37!

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