SAFE at Norwescon

This entry was published on January 17, 2013 and may be out of date. For the most current information on this year's Norwescon, please see our most recent blog posts. Thank you!

Norwescon’s concom has formed a committee consisting of members outside the executive team to address a possible official written harassment policy for convention membership. The committee has been asked to make recommendations to the executive team by the end of 2013. We believe that this policy would benefit from input by members of the community with opinions or experience related to this issue.

If you have anything to share, please email the SAFE committee at Your identity will remain confidential, and the committee will respect any other privacy constraints that you request. You may also contact any of the committee members individually: Kevin Black, Pat Booze, Alan Bond, Sika Holman, Michael Hanscom, and Kate Mulligan Wolfe.

Thank you,

The Norwescon SAFE Committee

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