Norwescon 31 March 2008
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Calling Artists Of Every Medium!

On behalf of the Norwescon Art department, we would like to invite you to participate in NWC's Artist Alley.

The Alley is about demonstration, work in progress, custom works, showing participants how you create your art, and interacting with NWC attendees. We operate in tandem with the Art Show – the Show is about the finished work, while the Alley is the place to show the process. That work could be in a multitude of materials; while we have traditional artwork such as drawing and sketching, we also feature costume making, sculpting, beadwork, chainmail, and a variety of other materials. If it is a form of art, it may well be represented in Artist's Alley.

We will work with you to fit time spent in Artist Alley to your schedule. We will also make sure any pre-scheduled time in Artist Alley is listed on fliers (located at various places around the convention, including in the Art Show) so people know when they can come see you to ask questions, talk about commissioned work, and just stop by to see how you create the wonderful works that you create.

You are welcome to take commissions while in Artist Alley, but please know that the focus is on creation, not sales. Due to space limitations and that we are in no way competing with the Dealer's Room, we do need to limit what prefinished work is brought to the table.

What we will provide for you, free of charge, is table space. Either a half or a full table (depending on scheduling), for showing your art, fliers, business cards, and of course, for creating more art! There are limited spaces that are within reach of power outlets and we will have one table with plastic for messier forms of creation such as sculpting. If you need outlets, plastic or other accommodations, please let us know in advance so that we can schedule for your needs. As you choose what to bring to your table, please be aware that there is no storage space of any form available to the Alley.

Artist Alley hours are listed on the NWC website under Exhibitors. The table space will be scheduled in blocks of time ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. While multiple blocks of time over the course of the convention are certainly encouraged, we are maintain a 2 hour block at a time maximum, with a 1 hour minimum break. Advance scheduling for tables will end at 9pm on March 15th so the schedule can be drawn up and finalized in time for printed schedules and fliers. If you do not get on the schedule before then, just drop by Artist Alley during the convention to see when we have space for you, and to get on our list for next year.

For more information, please contact us at We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or put you down for time in Artist Alley. When you email to schedule space, please let us know what you do and if you need accommodations such as set up time, power outlets, or plastic.

We look forward to seeing you in Artist Alley!