Norwescon 31 March 2008
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Volunteer Information

Come and Join the Fun!

Volunteers are the backbone of the convention, from those of us who donate our time year round to those of you who lend a much needed helping hand for a couple of hours at the Convention. Whether that be watching the doors at the Masquerade, helping out at the Registration Desk, or manning the Cloak Closet, we need that help.

As part of our appreciation for those of you who do help us out, we have changed our policies. Now, instead of simply receiving some "bling" for days and hours worked, we will be rewarding you with a discounted badge for the following year, provided you work 30 hours. Activities that count for double hours (which are sticking around) will only count as single hours for the purposes of being awarded a discounted badge for the following year. The discount will be the minimum staff rate plus $5.00, for that year. It is not transferable and must be purchased during the pre-registration period. So, if you work the 30 hours at Norwescon 31 you will be able to purchase a discounted badge for Norwescon 32 at the discounted rate of $25.00.

March 1st Preconvention  planning.  Registration and art show training.
March 16th Program packet stuffing party.
April 26th Postcon meeting.

Meetings typically run on a schedule similar to the following (check the meetings page for actual schedule details):
  Executive Team Meeting: 11-1:30
  Lunch Break
  Introductions and break Out Sessions: 2-3
  Convention Committee (as a whole) Meeting: 3-5

There will be a couple of other changes for this coming year. The Volunteer Table will be located in the Volunteer Lounge instead of with the Fan Tables. Also, instead of the traditional end of convention raffle drawing for volunteers, we are going to try something new and have an auction and you can bid your hours for the things you want instead of hoping on random chance. Lastly, we are likely to have some left over "bling" from previous years, so if you miss the "bling" and ask very nicely— we may have something for you.

What is not changing is there will still be access to the Volunteer Lounge and a volunteer appreciation picnic come summer, as well as prizes for top hours worked.

of right now we need volunteers for:
  • Cloak Room
    We need both volunteers to man it and Concom volunteers to run it.
  • Registration We need both volunteers to work it and Concom members to help staff it. There are pre-convention training sessions on February 9th and March 1st.
  • Masquerade
  • Art Show
  • Laser Tag