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Please note that this an archived version of last year's Norwescon. For Norwescon 24 go here.








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Norwescon 23 | April 20 - 23 - 2000  | SeaTac - Washington

Our space going dolphin says hello



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Philip K. Dick Awards

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Our Guests of Honor Featuring

Guest of Honor - David Brin
Guest of Honor - Gregory Benford
Artist Guest of Honor -
Barclay Shaw
Fan Guests of Honor - John and Bjo Trimble

Other Guests and Participants

Come help us celebrate our theme: Ad Astra (to the stars)

Last Updated
July 28, 2006

For Information:

Norwescon 23
PO Box 68547
Seattle WA 98168-0547
Hotline: (206) 270-7850
email: (removed)


DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport
(800) 222-TREE
(Info on room prices will be forthcoming in the near future)



    • There is now a final and hopefully accurate Programming Grid available with each half day in pdf format. You can either view it here from the web or download a zipped version. If you choose the latter, extract it into its own directory and open up programming.html . This allows you to print the grid out and review it at your leisure.

    • There is now a list of those who have tables at Norwescon 23, including Club Tables, Convention Tables and Corporate Tables. Check the Club Tables web page for details.

    • You're Invited to a Party!

      The Norwescon Stuffing Party will be held Sunday, April 16 in Olympic 1 at the SeaTac DoubleTree Hotel at 3 p.m. Check the Stuffing Party web page for details.

    • Mail in memberships ended today, March 17. The membership form has been removed from the server. The at the door pricing and registration hours can now be found on the policies page..

    • For those who have had questions about the Norwescon 23 Masquerade there is now a FAQ that should answer most of your questions.

    • Having trouble printing this main page? There is now a mostly text only version of this page that has a white background and dark text that should solve this problem.

    • There are some additional elaborations to our rules for parties on our policies page. If you are considering doing a party, please review these and keep them faithfully in mind.

    • You may not be able to reserve a room that will suit your needs at the Seatac Doubletree Hotel. The Director of Catering and Convention Services for the Seatac Doubletree has informed the Norwescon 23 ConCom that almost all the rooms at the hotel have been reserved. Check out the hotel page for details and possible alternatives.

    • For those who have been asking how you can volunteer to help Norwescon to be the premiere northwest SF event, there is now an interactive volunteer form where you can enter your name and email with your wish list for volunteering. Please be sure that you accurately enter your email or phone number since these are the only ways that we will be able to respond to your requests for information.

    • We now have information about the Masquerade at Norwescon 23 and a programming grid. To reach the Masquerade information you will need the acrobat player.

    • There is now a list of those panel participants and other guests that will be working hard at making Norwescon a fun and educational experience for you.

    • There are now forms for registering for space, membership and what the rules will be at the Norwescon 23 Art Show. All three forms are also available in Word 97 format in a single zipped file. The Association of Operations Volunteers (AOV) will manage the artshow for Norwescon 23. Tiffany Putman will be the AOV Art Show Manager. Tiffany can be contacted through this web page at (removed) or by phone at 360-653-5963. Information packages will be mailed out in the near future.

    • There is now a list of dealers that will be merchants at Norwescon this year. I have added links to web sites for dealers that I know. If you are a dealer and would like your site linked please let the Norwescon webmaster know via email at (removed)

    • We are proud to announce the nominees for the Philip K. Dick Award that will be awarded at this upcoming Norwescon. Check the website for more details.

    • There is now a copy of the permission slip that parents or guardians need to fill out for children that attend Norwescon. This is part of registration, but is provided here so you can fill it out in advance.

    • There are now PDF copies of the Norwescon 22 Post Con Report and the PR Alpha for Norwescon 23. You will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to look at these, but you can get that by clicking on the button below. Also, please note, however, that these are extremely large files. The Post Con report is 1415 k and the PR Alpha is 633 k.

      This double report was sent by Bulk Mail to members of Norwescon 22 and Norwescon 23 and should be received by January 15. If you were/are a member and do not receive your report, please contact
      (removed). Be sure to include your real name, your fan name (if used), your previous address, and your current address. If you have not moved since the last Norwescon we may not have read your handwriting correctly. If you would prefer a printed copy of the PR Alpha/Post Con Report rather than this electronic version, please write to (removed) or P.O. Box 68547, Seattle, WA 98168."

    • There is now a complete Email Contact List for department heads. Try this first if you are seeking information about Norwescon.

    • One of the new email contacts included is that for (removed). All questions about registration should be sent to ie., New person inquiries, "Did I remember to prereg last year?", "I can't find my membership form from last year...", membership prices, "I want to transfer my membership to...", "I want to roll over my membership to next year...", etc. Thanks,

    • We invite one and all to provide their input towards selecting Guests of Honor for future Norwescons. To do so simply visit our interactive Guest of Honor Form and send us your ideas.


    • Join our Mailing List

    For those interested in Norwescon there is a mailing list for all the fans and the staff so that questions can be better answered on a more timely basis. Both are encouraged to join in and participate so that this upcoming Norwescon can be an even more exciting event. We will also let you know when new information is available here.

    To make sure that this mailing list stays on focus and does not over run your email box, it is a moderated mailing list. This means that Norwescon's webmaster will monitor the posts before they go out and weed out any that do not relate to questions about Norwescon and answers about those self same questions.

    Press the button below to go directly to the page where you can subscribe. Or, if there are problems, go directly to

If You have questions or comments about the web page
direct them to (removed)



For information about other Conventions in the Northwest check out Northwest Cons

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