Welcome to the Norwescon 43 virtual dealers’ room and writers’ row! We are thrilled to welcome all of the following merchants, authors, and publishers to this year’s art show. We encourage you to browse through their listings, click through the links to their websites and stores, and give them your support.

Act Crafty

Act Crafty sells handmade plushes, patches, and assembled and painted garage kits, based on both popular fandoms and original designs.

The Aeon Immortal

The Aeon Immortal is a literary universe by Washington resident and author Lyra Alice Schneider. Lyra’s novellas and novels feature predominantly queer and trans characters with a focus on themes of inclusion, challenging authority, and the power of relationships to change our lives.

Angelwear Creations

Angelwear Creations sells jewelry in space and science themes, gold and silver, and refractive metals and gemstones. A selection of what is normally at conventions is available online.

Authors 4 Authors Publishing

We specialize in “escapist” speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, romance, paranormal, and other stories that take you away from the realities of today. Get a signed paperback by B. C. Marine, one of our founding authors and a Washington local.

Bashful Yammering Art and Design

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, my Bashful Yammering Art and Design’s art and illustrations are influenced by nature, pop culture, and cryptids!

Books & Chains

Books & Chains is home to science fiction and fantasy books and art by local author and artist Raven Oak and handmade chainmail jewelry inspired by her works and other geeky fandoms.

Jennifer Brozek Productions

Author, editor, and media tie-in writer, Jennifer Brozek has many books for sale, including books from her BattleTech trilogy, her Shadowrun novels, and her acclaimed Mythos anthology. Come on by to see what she has available.

Clockwork Dragon Books

Diverse science fiction and fantasy by four PNW indie authors and associated co-authors. Featuring 60+ titles, including a wide array of young adult.

D & D Chain Maille Creations

D & D ChainMaille Creations began 20 years ago, inspired by our passion for the art of chainmaille. We have evolved the ancient forms of chainmaille into unique and artful jewelry, accessories, and home decor. We use a variety of metals in a rainbow of colors, and we always welcome custom orders.

Dragondyne Publishing

Neverwhen is a tabletop roleplaying game that uses the Pathfinder role-playing game system to allow gamemasters and players to combine any genres within their campaigns and games. The system allows the combination of these multiple genres, such as horror, science fiction, steampunk, and sword and sorcery interaction, in a fluid manner.

DragonStorm Sports

DragonStorm Sports forges custom knives, swords, and medieval armor. They also create custom leatherwork to include reader/tablet cases, belt pouches, and purses. All can be tooled with your design depending on size and complexity.


One-of-a-kind upcycled clothing and accessories, including coats, dresses, skirts, hoods, and arm warmers. Each piece is handmade, and selections include a wide range of sizes and styles, as well as made-to-order garments.

Galactic Outsider

Galactic Outsider sells accessories and embellishments—pins, patches, stickers, and more. 99% nerdy, 100% awesome!

Geek Lolita

Geek Lolita is based in northern Idaho. They create and curate fandom-inspired Lolita, Kodona, and aristocrat fashions that let you choose which kind of geek to reveal: film/tv, literature, manga, video games, steampunk, gothic, tea party, hero or villain, space explorer, zombie hunter… all the things! Quality clothing pieces that inspire the cosplayer and can be worn every day.

Tabitha Grow

Tabitha Grow is a Queer illustrator, graphic designer, and comic artist from the PNW. She enjoys horror fiction in her spare time, reading manga, and playing TTRPGs. Her primary focus and inspiration is pop art, popular culture, Japanese aesthetics, and art nouveau.

Elizabeth Guizzetti – Author

Elizabeth Guizzetti is the author and artist behind Out for Souls and Cookies, the Martlet series, Immortal House, the Norma’s Cleaning Service mysteries, and the Paper Flower Consortium Histories. She has prints of illustrations, stickers, keychains and enamel pins.

Lizzy D’s Art

Welcome to my shop where I create a sense of mysterious wonder and delight that draws you in and makes you want to dance and dine with the characters of my world. In 2019 I successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign for my coloring book, titled Wickedly Whimsical Witches, which lets you add color to the adventures of my elegant but silly witches as their kitties try to keep them out of trouble. I also have high quality prints of my watercolor paintings that will send your imagination flying.

Monkey House Studio

My work is an invitation to collaborative storytelling. Each of the 50 illustrations in my series, “Tales of the Incompletely Peculiar,” is meant to inspire a story. How that story begins or ends is up to you. These illustrations are a cure for writer’s block!

Nemesis Gear

Nemesis Gear is a cross-genre supplier with outlets in several dimensions. Hero and villain alike can find a wide array of goods for their unique costume and equipment needs. Many are made in-house by Tinkerton Scientific and Steampunked Out, including custom work. Past, present, and future; Nemesis Gear: Outfitters of the Multiverse.

The OddPetz Emporium

Looking to adopt a lovable skelebat? A purple galaxy dragon? Stop by our pet shop! We make all our plushiez! Batz, merPurrz, magic catz, roley catz, unicorn kittiez, cubic dogz, owlz, dragonz, foxez, ferretz, three-headed puppiez, fuzzball flutterz, and more! All are machine washable, and safe for all ages. Plus hand crocheted owl nestz, hatz, scarvez, and more! Tax is included, and we can ship several for one low cost anywhere in the U.S.

OffWorld Designs, Inc.

Barb and Ray VanTilburg are retiring. This will quite possibly be your last chance to get any of the great designs we have.  Ray will be adding new designs to his Etsy store later this year.

Optimystical Studios

At Optimystical Studios, we make your jewelry. You know, the geeky stuff you wear to conventions. The fancy stuff you wear on a night out. The elegant stuff you wear on the red carpet. The queer stuff you wear to remind the world who you are. Everyone deserves jewelry. Folks we talk to know that for the last 10 years it’s been the two of us making everything by hand. Thanks for believing in our weird little queer operation.

Pegasus Publishing

Pegasus Publishing has been serving fandom since 1979, providing a variety of goods over the last four decades. Our current offerings include the best in fannish and genre T-shirts, polo shirts, embroidered bags, decorated and blank masks, wooden model kits, and metal gaming dice & accessories.

Purple Top Hat

Original fantasy and pop culture art, made of sexy, whimsy, and a generous helping of cute.

Quinn & Bloom

Makers, swindlers, adventurers. Quinn & Bloom offer the finest selection of wondrous wares and enchanting adoptions.

Gretchen S.B.

Gretchen is an author of several genres, from contemporary fantasy to romance, as well as several stops along the way. Storytelling is her passion, and when not writing or at her day job, she can be found hanging out with her husband and the daintiest Rottweiler you have ever met.

Seldom Idle

Vessels and adornments for self and home that fit every fandom. Designed for everyday use, our ceramic offerings are the perfect way to express yourself in your home, office, or mead hall. Set the scene at your next game night with hand-poured, cotton-wick candles made from natural waxes. With styles ranging from historically inspired to steampunk and abstract, you are sure to find a treasure for yourself or a friend. 100% handmade in Washington.


SewCherie loves finding nerdy, fandom, cute, geek chic, and hard-to-find fabrics to make into accessories you need! Headbands, head wraps, snack bags, scarves, and more.

Sinister Metalworks

Beautiful hand hammered steel crowns, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Springtime Creations

Springtime Creations, genre jewelry for every science fiction and fantasy fandom! Created by Spring Schoenhuth, seven-time finalist for the Hugo Award for best fan artist. Spring has created unconventional jewelry all her life and established her business in Seattle in 1988. She has provided jewelry for Star Trek productions, has provided award jewelry for the Astounding Science Fiction Award and Chesley Award, and is a popular fixture in vendor rooms at literary and media conventions. She has an Etsy shop, RetroRocketEmporium, and a Facebook page, Springtime Creations, or you may contact her personally by emailing jewelry@springtimecreations.


For nine years now, TANSTAAFL Press has brought you unique science fiction, fantasy, cyberpunk, steampunk, apocalyptic fiction, and more, with over 15 titles and more on the way. Remember to find the purple teddy bear with the M16 for the best science fiction you can get. How do you like your sci-fi?

Varida P&R

Varida P&R publishes science fiction stretching from AI, genetic engineering, and wolf-humans, to aliens and faraway galaxies. Fantasy that sweeps across fae worlds filled with elemental magic and martial arts into alternate dimensions. There are graphic novels, illustrated children’s fantasy, and more. Varida authors are writing what they love to read.

Witch Way Books

Witch Way Books is the team of Robert and Sherrie Wright. Robert is the author of the Witch Way series and is now expanding into new stories and new worlds. Robert’s stories cross many realms, but all have strong female protagonists. There aren’t any shy wallflowers in these pages, these sassy ladies are willing to fight for what they believe and those they love. Sherrie is the behind-the-scenes person getting the books ready for publishing and designing the covers.

The Woodland Wandolier

The Woodland Wandolier is Cait, maker of wands for all walks of magic, and related items for altar, theater, adornment, and delight. She combines different materials and techniques to create focus tools, playthings, and spirit nurturing goods. Cait creates her pieces by hand every step. She draws inspiration from the enchanted forest she lives in, mysticism, folklore, pagan mythology, fairytales, and evokes themes of nature and otherworldly possibilities to lift your heart and make you smile. Find her at The Woodland Wandolier on Instagram and Etsy.