Midwinter Masque Prop Contest

In celebration of The Longest Night, the major holiday in Jacqueline Carey’s novels of Terre d’Ange, we asked contestants to create one of two items for the celebration to honor the Winter Queen, the Sun Prince, and the members of their court:

  • A mask, as the Longest night is celebrated by the Midwinter Masque, or
  • A spear, by which the Sun Prince transforms the Winter Queen at the hour of the sun’s return at the Masque.

To our immense delight, Jacqueline Carey joined us as a guest judge! Props were judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality: We looked for unique items.
  • Construction: Would it survive a night of revelry and a glass or three of Joie?
  • Backstory: What was the contestant’s costume/role for the masque ball? How did their prop show or compliment that role?

Congratulations to Judge’s Choice winner Zamesta Cosplay!

Photos of the entries, including Zamesta Cosplay’s winning canes, are shown below.