Murder Mystery Pop-Up Games

Join Foulplay Games for a pop-up space western murder mystery game, Wanderstar! Visit the Doublestar Cantina in Lone Rock Port, a lawless port in the outskirts of the Frontier Star System, where you will partake in two hours of mystery and intrigue to figure out whodunnit! Discover friends and rivals as you play a suspect with secrets of your own while bribing and blackmailing other con attendees to find clues and gather information to solve the crime! No prior experience needed. Ages 13+ recommended. Prizes and swag for participants and super sleuths! First come, first serve.

Maxi’s Lounge

Friday and Saturday
11 a.m.–1 p.m.
1–3 p.m.
3–5 p.m.

Wanderstar Space Murder Mystery

Foulplay Games

Foulplay Games is a women-owned murder mystery game and events company based in Seattle, Washington. We help geeks throw great parties through immersive murder mystery games. Our party games take inspiration from pop culture to create imaginative worlds and intriguing stories, transforming your typical game night into a fun, exciting experience you won’t forget! Host your own murder mystery game online or in-person with all our games available for instant download. Learn more at Foulplay Games.

Foulplay Games