Guest of Honor Tea

Please join us Thursday, April 1 for our 2021 Guest of Honor Tea Party!

The Guest of Honor Tea Party will provide a great way to spend time with our honored guests in an intimate setting. In addition to the opportunity to hang out with our GoHs, each attendee will have a special package shipped to them containing hand-selected teas, a commemorative Norwescon mug, and a delicious baked good from a local pastry chef. This event is open to all Norwescon members. Tickets are available now for only $35 through the convention registration kiosk.

If you have already purchased your membership, adding a tea party ticket is easy! Simply return to the registration page, click through the screens to the product page, and add a ticket or two to your cart. You may also include an optional donation to assist us with shipping costs. You will be prompted to pay either by check or PayPal.

If you have not yet purchased your membership, adding a banquet ticket is still easy! Simply add a ticket or two (and optional shipping donation) to your cart when you purchase your membership.

In both cases, you will receive a confirmation that your payment has been received and that you will receive more information closer to the convention about accessing the Tea Party.

Step-by-step instructions on purchasing your tea party ticket:

  1. Click our registration link, found either on the front page of the website or by following this link.
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Click the button that says “Register as Your Name” (if you haven’t yet registered) or log in using the “Returning User” option.
  4. The system will ask you to check your name and badge name. If these are correct, click continue.
  5. Next, you will double check your contact information. If these are all correct, click “save”.
  6. Next, if you’ve already registered, you’ll see a dark grey box saying “Stay with this membership.” Click this button.
  7. If you haven’t already registered, choose the appropriate membership type.
  8. On the next page, choose the way you want your badge to display your name.
  9. On the next page (the penultimate one), add a tea party ticket (and optional donation to help us cover shipping costs).
  10. Add the ticket to your cart. Click “Step 2: done shopping”.
  11. Congratulations! You have reached the payment page. Pay for your tickets and rejoice.