Each year, Norwescon brings a selection of geeky, fannish, and fan-friendly musicians to the con. This year’s lineup includes:

MC – Dr. Owl

Dr. Owl Dr. Owl has been performing for many moons. First magic, then music, then balloon twisting, then stage acting, and later mad science. Sometimes he is a jester, other times he’s playing a role on stage or doing walk around characters. He is the producer, director, & M.C. of a traveling variety show called Dr. Owl’s Medicine Show. His favorite thing to do is make balloon animals. However, anything that makes people smile, is fair game. Dr. Owl can be found at owljester.com

Alexander James Adams

Alexander James AdamsFrom the Land of Fae comes the Faerie Tale Minstrel with songs and stories of days gone by and futures yet to come. Guitar and fiddle support a voice that enchants the ear and comforts the heart. Jigs and reels, lust and lullabye, the magic and music are there for those that believe.

Celt Check

Celt CheckCelt Check! – Bringing Celtic Harmonies to the Pacific Northwest. Repeat performers at Norwescon. We provide a variety of music for weddings, parties, taverns and pubs, fairs and more. Slow-and-sweet to rolickin’ and raucous, Celt Check! does it all!

The Faithful Sidekicks

The Faithful SidekicksThe Faithful Sidekicks are the award-winning acoustic geek/filk musical duo of Eric and Jen Distad. They write and perform catchy original folk pop songs about all the fannish things they love. With a fun mix of songs ranging from Star Trek country songs, to upbeat anthems like “Han Solo For President” to a love song written entirely in SQL Code, they have something for nerds, geeks, and fans of all kinds. They’ve been nominated for three Pegasus awards, released two CDs, and have been entertaining audiences around the US and parts beyond since 2014.  For more information, head to The Faithful Sidekicks.

Dogwood & the Gentry

Dogwood (Photo ©Keith Johnson)Dogwood & the Gentry are a band that perform a quixotic blend of old world folk, glam rock, and fantastical fiction. They sing poignant songs of the fae, the alien, the monster, and the demigod, weaving modern themes into classic stories. Drawing influences from artists such as David Bowie, Sarah Brightman, and Flatt & Scruggs, Dogwood will send you with their soaring ballads and thrill you with their jubilant singalongs. If you’re not careful, you might just follow them, dancing, across the Veil between worlds. (Photo ©Keith Johnson)

Aaron Shay

Aaron Shay Sci-fi singer-songwriter Aaron J. Shay is a balladeer who blends old-world twang with catchy folk-punk melancholy, layering it over driving banjo rhythms and stomping beats. His performances are highly interactive experiences, featuring many sing-alongs and stomp-alongs, all punctuated by his funny and heartfelt musings on relationships, creativity, magic, and the future of humanity. Influenced heavily by indie rock and Americana, his songs fall in some strange realm between Phil Ochs, Tom Waits, and The Mountain Goats.

Shubzilla x Bill Beats

Shubzilla x Bill BeatsShubzilla and Bill Beats began working together in 2011. Originally rivals in past Vocalist/Producer challenges, Shubz and Bill chose to join forces to work together regularly. Starting off with the single “Wonderful World” for “Bill Beats For President Vol.1,” the EPs “Dinner And A Movie” and “BOOMERS” have been the exceptional products of their collaboration. They have Emerald City Comic-Con, MAGfest 2018, The Day Jobs Mini-Tour: West Coast Edition under their belts, along with performances at Norwescon, the PAXWest Nerdcore Showcase, and many others. With Shubzilla’s frank and aggressive lyrics and Bill Beats’ penchant for samples and bass-heavy compositions, they do not disappoint.

Betsy Tinney

Betsy at MUTT 2019 by Sandra Buskirk Betsy Tinney is a cello storyteller. Using her cello and an electronic looper, she weaves rich, complex and varied tapestries of sound; her original cello compositions paint pictures and tell tales, from thunderstorms and skeletal mice to dancing elephants and humpback whales.

Vixy & Tony

Vixy and Tony Vixy & Tony’s lighthearted folk/rock musical style combines with science fiction and fantasy lyrics to tell engaging and beautiful stories. Their energetic performances can be enjoyed by both sci-fi fans and mainstream music fans alike, earning them the Best Performer Pegasus Award in 2008. Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey and Tony Fabris have joined forces with cellist Betsy Tinney and violinist Sunnie Larsen to form a “four-person duo” with a lush, amazing sound. Their music can be found at VixyAndTony.com.

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