What follows is a listing of all events that we will be streaming on our Twitch channel throughout the convention weekend. All of this content is free for anyone to enjoy!

Individual times are listed in Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT). For the convenience of our members joining us from elsewhere, headers marking Easter Daylight Saving Time (EDT) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) are included.

Full programming schedules for the rest of the weekend are listed here.

We will be updating this list as major changes occur, until the convention opens. Last updated Apr 2, 2021 @ 11:25 am.

About Green Ronin Publishing

Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle-based company dedicated to the art of great games. Since the year 2000, Green Ronin has established a reputation for quality and innovation that is second to none, publishing such role-playing game hits as Dragon Age, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, and Mutants & Masterminds, and winning over 40 awards for excellence. For an unprecedented three years running, Green Ronin won the prestigious ENnie Award for best publisher.

Art in Action

Art in Action is a unique place for artists and makers. It is a place for Norwescon artists to give demonstrations and talk about the work they love doing. What better way to spread the love you have for your art form than to talk directly to those who are inspired by it?

Thursday, April 1

1 p.m. PDT (4 p.m. EDT / 8 p.m. GMT)

Green Ronin ThursdAGE: Special Guest Norwescon
1–2 p.m.
It’s ThursdAGE with Owen KC Stephens and the disembodied voice of Troy Hewitt! ThursdAGE will be streaming one hour earlier than usual, at 1 p.m. PDT, and on this special All Fools Day edition, we’re streaming live from Norwescon! Norwescon is only the single best fiction and fantasy convention in the nation, and we couldn’t be more excited to open the day! We’ll of course be talking Fantasy AGE, but we’ll have our Norwescon pals, like Veronica Templar, joining us to talk about all the history, mystery, and burlesque twistery that’s going into this year’s all-digital convention! Toss in some updates on what Green Ronin has cooking and some AMAZING surprises for those tuning in live. Well, let’s just say you won’t want to miss it!
Green Ronin (M)

3 p.m. PDT (6 p.m. EDT / 10 p.m. GMT)

Live Role-Playing: Modern AGE, with developer Malcolm Sheppard
Grand Ballroom Stage or Twitch
3–7 p.m.
When the characters are asked to escort aging civil servant Sevra Compline on a transplanar vacation, the assignment seems dull, if unusual—why would anyone need minders traveling through such well-known worlds? Game developer Malcolm Sheppard leads players through “Tour Guide,” an introductory adventure for Green Ronin’s Modern AGE role-playing game created specifically for Norwescon, using the Threefold setting. This session will be simulcast to Twitch, with live audience interaction available within Airmeet for Norwescon attendees.
Malcolm Sheppard (M), Jonesy, Rick D. S. Marshall, Beverly Marshall Saling

Friday, April 2

Noon PDT (3 p.m. EDT / 7 p.m. GMT)

Steen Schuler, Art in Action
Art in Action Booth, Arena or Twitch
noon–1 p.m.
Steen Schuler demonstrates how she virtually repurposes old, well-worn objects into little mechanical creatures.
Steen Schuler (M)

1 p.m. PDT (4 p.m. EDT / 8 p.m. GMT)

Brittany Otto, Art in Action
Art in Action Booth, Arena or Twitch
1 p.m.–2 p.m.
Brittany Otto demonstrates her hand-cut paper technique to create portals into fantastical worlds.
Brittany Otto (M)

2 p.m. PDT (5 p.m. EDT / 9 p.m. GMT)

Live Role-Playing: The Expanse RPG, With Developer Ian Lemke
Grand Ballroom Stage or Twitch
2–6 p.m.
The solar system on edge just after the Eros Incident. Ceres Station in turmoil after being handed over to the OPA. A missing sister in dire peril. Can you track her down… before it’s too late? Game developer Ian Lemke leads players through “Star-Crossed,” an original adventure for The Expanse RPG, published by Green Ronin. This session will be simulcast to Twitch, with live audience interaction available within Airmeet for Norwescon attendees.
Ian Lemke (M), Jonesy, Bethany Rossi, Abie Ekenezar, Owen Stephens

7 p.m. PDT (10 p.m. EDT / 2 a.m. April 3 GMT)

Philip K. Dick Awards
Grand Ballroom Stage or Twitch
7–8 p.m.
The Philip K. Dick Award is presented annually at Norwescon with the support of the Philip K. Dick Trust. The award, for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States, is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and the Philip K. Dick Trust. Come hear readings from the nominated works.
Kathy Bond (M)

Saturday, April 3

10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m. EDT / 5 p.m. GMT)

Live Role-Playing: Blue Rose RPG, with developer Steven Kenson
Grand Ballroom Stage or Twitch
10–2 p.m.
A missing boy in the company of a psychic rhy-wolf sends our heroes off in a search through the deep woods of the Pavin Weald in the north of Aldis. Why has the lad disappeared, and can he be found before tragedy befalls him and his new companion? Game developer Steven Kenson leads players through “The Rhy Wolf’s Woe-Run,” an adventure for Green Ronin’s Blue Rose romantic fantasy role-playing game in the magical world of Aldea. This session will be simulcast to Twitch, with live interaction available within Airmeet for Norwescon attendees.
Steve Kenson (M), Jonesy, Lynne Hardy, Brendan Barr

2 p.m. PDT (5 p.m. EDT / 9 p.m. GMT)

Hannah Charlton, Art in Action
Art in Action Booth, Arena or Twitch
2 p.m.–3 p.m.
Hannah Charlton demonstrates her modern take on medieval iconography, using ink, gouache, and gold on parchment. To download bestiary coloring pages in the medieval art style, please visit Bestiary Coloring Pages.
Hannah Charlton (M)

3 p.m. PDT (6 p.m. EDT / 10 p.m. GMT)

Lizzy D Hill, Art in Action
Art in Action Booth, Arena or Twitch
3 p.m.–4 p.m.
Lizzy D Hill demonstrates the process of illustrating the children’s book, When the Fireflies Came…, with her fantasy watercolor paintings.
Lizzy D Hill (M)

4 p.m. PDT (7 p.m. EDT / 11 p.m. GMT)

Collaborative Creation in RPGs
Seaports Stage or Twitch
4–5 p.m.
From teams working on producing and publishing games and books to game groups working together to create campaigns and play out adventures, creation in tabletop roleplaying games is often a collaborative process with a coordinating vision. Professional game designers and developers from Green Ronin Publishing talk about this process, on both the publishing and the play sides of things. How can you be a more effective creator and collaborator?
Steve Kenson (M), Malcolm Sheppard, Ian Lemke

8:30 p.m. PDT (11:30 p.m. EDT / 3:30 a.m. April 4 GMT)

The Longest Night Concert Dance Party
Grand Ballroom Stage or Twitch
8:30–1:30 a.m.
Pay tribute to The Longest Night through music. This isn’t just a dance—it’s a chance to spark your imagination! Participants are encouraged to camouflage their faces in intriguing masks and deck themselves in their most delightful outfits. Share pictures of your wonderful ensembles and joyful celebrations on Norwescon’s social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Featuring: Danny Denial, Kittens Slay Dragons, Mirrorgloss, Nat Freaner, and Raichyl Sinversa.
J. Grace McKelvy (M), Bella La Blanc, Raichyl Sinversa, Kittens Slay Dragons, Mirrorgloss, Nat Freaner, Danny Denial