Guest of Honor Banquet

Norwescon is excited to announce that the Thursday Night Guest of Honor Banquet is returning this year! Come join our Guests of Honor for a light dinner and interesting conversation. In addition to our Guests of Honor, you will meet other fans in a relaxed setting.

Please join us Thursday, April 18 for the 2019 Guests of Honor Banquet. For $80, you will share a special meal with one of our Guests of Honor and six others in a relaxed, conversational setting.  You’ll also enjoy learning more about Norwescon’s community outreach initiatives. Special swag will be available as well.

If you have already purchased your membership, adding a banquet ticket is easy! Simply return to the registration page, click through the screens to the product page, and add a ticket or two to your cart. You will be prompted to pay either by check or PayPal.

If you have not yet purchased your membership, adding a banquet ticket is still easy! Simply add a ticket or two to your cart when you purchase your membership.

In both cases, you will receive a confirmation that your payment has been received and that you will receive more information closer to the convention about accessing the Banquet.

Step-by-step instructions on purchasing your banquet ticket:

  1. Click our registration link, found either on the front page of the website or by following this link.
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Click the button that says “Register as Your Name”.
  4. Enter the answer to your security question.
  5. The next page asks if you want to change your security question. Clicking “save” at this point will keep everything the same.
  6. Next, you’ll find a page to check your name and badge name. If these are correct, click continue.
  7. Next, you will double check your contact information. If these are all correct, click “save”.
  8. Next, if you’ve already registered, you’ll see a dark grey box saying “Stay with this membership.” Click this button.
  9. If you haven’t already registered, choose the appropriate membership and click it.
  10. On the next page, choose the way you want your badge to display your name.
  11. On the next page, if you are a NWSFS member, check your number and click continue. If you are not a NWSFS member, click continue.
  12. On this page (the penultimate one), choose how many banquet tickets you would like to purchase. (REMEMBER: Each person attending the banquet will need their own membership. Each person must have their own account set up to buy a membership. If your guest does not have a membership, you must register them separately and buy them a membership.)
  13. Add the tickets to your cart. Click “Step 2: done shopping”.
  14. Congratulations! You have reached the payment page. Pay for your tickets and rejoice.