Norwescon 43 Art Show

Welcome to the Norwescon 43 virtual art show! We are thrilled to welcome all of the following artists to this year’s art show. We encourage you to browse through their galleries, click through the links to their websites and stores, and give them your support.

Artist Guest of Honor Sana Takeda

Sana Takeda is an Eisner and Hugo Award-winning illustrator and comic book artist from Japan, known for her work on the Monstress series. At age 20 Takeda started working as a 3D CGI designer for the Japanese video game company, Sega. Her comic book career includes work for Image Comics, Aspen, and Boom Studios. She has worked on several titles for Marvel, including X-23, X-Men, Venom, Civil War II, and Ms. Marvel. Sana Takeda lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Samuel Araya

Samuel Araya is an artist living in the poison heart of South America. His work has appeared in a variety of media, from videogames, t-shirts, posters, and records, to cards and books, including five annual editions of Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. He also dedicates time to his career as a gallery artist, with an important number of international shows already gracing his curriculum. Samuel creates mixed media occult/horror paintings.

Alan F. Beck

Alan F. Beck has been an artist, designer, and illustrator for over 30 years doing work for major corporations. His work has been exhibited in art shows and science fiction/fantasy conventions across the country. His awards and honors include nominations for two Chesley Awards and as a Hugo Award finalist. He received a “body of work” award at the L.A.con IV Worldcon art show. Alan’s work tends to be realistic and surrealistic in nature, often whimsical and humorous. He recently published a children’s book, The Adventures of Nogard and Jackpot, and is the creator of the Mouseopolitan Museum of Art. His artwork is produced using acrylics, watercolor, pastels, 3D modeling, and image manipulation programs. His art can be found in Space and Time magazine, The Fantasy Art Bible, assorted e-zines, and various book covers.

Belsac Leather Art

Belsac Leather Art specializes in Celtic and fantasy leather art. The hand-carved leather is secured to wood backings, ready to hang on your wall.

Lauren Blake Art

Lauren is a fantasy genre digital painter based in Seattle. She loves to tell stories and intimate moments of characters.

Laura Diane Cameron Art

Laura Diane Cameron is a Seattle-based artist and self-proclaimed witchy nerd, born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She has been creating beautifully strange mixed-media paintings for over two decades. Her work is an alchemical infusion of imaginal landscapes, mythic realms, and the physical world and its denizens. Her visionary paintings channel goddesses, magic and Fae folk, dragons, and winged beings.

Laura’s art is ever-evolving, with material ranging from ink wash and watercolors to oil and acrylic, and now sculpture. She loves to build up textured and high-relief sculptural elements to her paintings, adding in cloth, nylon fiber, beads, shells, crystals, and wire to the mix. Her projects and commissions have included book illustrations, album cover art, movie props, portraits, interior murals, oracle decks, and visionary altarpieces for creatives, lightworkers, healers, empaths, and other witchy nerds. Fine art prints and originals are available on her storefront.

Russell D. Campbell

Russell’s original work is primarily in black and white, mostly pen/ink on actual paper. He has just barely scratched the digital art itch, and is slowly attempting new original artwork in digital form. He has also been digitizing prints of his previous work. Please contact Russell if you have any questions! Russell has also been seen at Norwescon in recent years playing Santa in the cosplay photos with Santa & Krampus.

Rob Carlos

Rob Carlos started his art career illustrating the D&D games he ran with friends, while working in Florida as a digital graphic designer. He started selling prints on his website and was asked to do some paintings for The Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game, starting his professional work as a fantasy artist. Rob started showing his work at Norwescon and other sci-fi/fantasy conventions in 2007. He stays busy doing self-directed and commercial painting projects, drawing people’s personal dragons, and occasionally creating enormous murals for locations around Washington and Oregon.

Hannah Charlton

Hannah Charlton grew up in Eastern Washington. Hannah creates illuminated manuscripts in a medieval style, with special attention to how writers and artists of the time approached their work. Some series she has done include The Bestiary, a collection of real and imaginary beasts; The Forgotten Book of Women, which catalogues famous women in history; and A Song of Ice and Fire, based on the popular books, which is all about how we imagine medieval people and how they imagined themselves. All of these pieces are available as prints, which are hand-painted to give them the same enchanting shine as the originals. Hannah currently lives in Spokane, Washington.

Sarah Clemens

Sarah is best known for her paintings of Magnus and Loki, the cat and dragon companions, which have been the most fun to paint of all her fantastic creations. She also paints dragons, cats, and other fantastic creatures on stone slabs. Sarah works in a photoreal style, mostly in oils. Sarah and her husband, cats, terrariums, and carnivorous plants live in Mesa, Arizona.

Joy Alyssa Day

Joy Alyssa Day is a professional artist working mostly in glass. Glassblowing and fusing is the focus recently, but reverse glass painting is how she got her start in the art world. With her partner, BJ Johnson, she creates a wide range of astronomical and fantasy artworks, from small paperweights and planetary ornaments to large, lobby-filling sculptures. Joy’s recent sculpture of a giant meteor crashing into the Earth perfectly encapsulates the year 2020, and will hopefully be obsolete by the time Norwescon 43 takes place.

Brenna Deutchman

Brenna Deutchman of Whimsical Whiskers creates unique snuggly, cuddly, friendly, and adorable plush stuffed animals. Each animal is a certified dream guardian—defender from nightmares, keeper of secrets, soother of anxiety, and reminder of self-worth. The dragons, dragon foxes, and dragon bunnies are here to remind you how special and wonderful you are.

These cuddle companions are always ready to play and dress up. Some are just the right size to travel in your pocket on a keychain, and some are bigger for hugs, cuddles, and love. A new children’s book featuring Cinder and Ember is coming in March 2021!

Braden Duncan

Braden Duncan (a.k.a. Clockwork Art) is a full-time, self-taught watercolor artist and curator based in Seattle, Washington, who paints watercolor and ink critters with whimsical, fantastical, mechanical, macabre, and pop-culture accoutrements. Tiny fat wind-up things make her smile. She is the co-founder of the Seattle Arts Coalition, the exhibitor coordinator for Sea-Meow Con, a member of the international Strange Dreams Surreal Artist Collective, and regularly assists with curation and art installation for galleries across the Northwest. She is also an animal rescue advocate with a soft spot for cats. She can usually be found covered in watercolor, oil paint, engine grease, and cat hair.

Krister Eide

Krister Eide’s current passion project is a graphic novel, animal version of Jules Verne’s world. Think sort of a combination of The Wind and the Willows and Victorian mystery and adventure, starring Kraken, a “glowing narwhal,” a rabbit professor of natural history, his research assistant Badger, a tantrum-prone weasel, and a secretive genius great horned owl. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and sign up for his newsletter at There are plenty of Kraken and other animal-themed goodies in his Etsy store.

Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk

Where others see junk, Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk sees potential as she creates one-of-a-kind robot sculptures from upcycled metal objects. Her bots have been described as 3D cartoons, which she likes. Each bot is securely constructed using drilling and screws. She uses the metal pieces as she finds them, never polishing, painting, or shaping. The search for useable objects is a large part of the creative process—garage sales and flea markets are her friends. Lynne is a two-time recipient of the national Canadian Prix Aurora Award for artistic achievement. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her wonderful husband and a house full of bot parts. If you are interested in purchasing a piece or would like more information, please contact Lynn directly by email or at her Facebook page Rivet of Robots.

Heather M. Gamble

Heather has been drawing and illustrating fantasy most of her life. She is an avid horse lover and naturalist, born in Texas, where she completed a master’s degree in biology. Upon graduating, she relocated to the Pacific Northwest with her family, where the awe-inspiring views and dark, lush forests evoke the imagination and serve as a wonderful creative platform for her work. Heather works mostly in acrylic and mixed media, as well as oil and watercolor. Her art is both whimsical and illustrative, as all her art has a story.

John Granacki, Master of Space & Time

John Granacki has been painting for almost all of his long life, focusing on science fiction, fantasy, aviation, and space travel. Occasionally he will render a more traditional landscape, because he lives in the Pacific Northwest where everything is beautiful. He paints almost exclusively with acrylics, although he will occasionally dip into oil paints and watercolors, and sometimes stray from the easel to attack various sculptural mediums. He’s been including UV fluorescents on his palette recently, sometimes framing his pieces within internally ultraviolet-illuminated shadowboxes. Although most of his paintings are on stretched canvas, he also paints on wood, glass, and rocks, and lately has been thinking a lot about aluminum, steel, and copper.

Douglas Herring

Doug has been displaying his art at science fiction and fantasy conventions since the Los Angeles Worldcon in 1972. Over the years he has worked in a wide variety of traditional media, with ink and watercolor being his favorites. Beyond painting, he does sculpture, casting, leather art, armor, set design, storyboards, photography, and lately various props for film. Professionally he has worked in comics, primarily as an inker, and has worked as an artist, art director, director, and designer in the computer games industry. Douglas continues to do freelance art and photography, along with prop work and few other disciplines in the local film industry.

Lizzy D. Hill

Lizzy D. Hill was born in 1980 and grew up on a dairy farm outside of the small town of Paul, Idaho. She attended Brigham Young University—Idaho, where she graduated with an associate degree in fine arts. These days Liz focuses on watercolors for her medium. She has always loved the fantasy genre, seeing it as a way to express her wishes and dreams. Because of this fascination, her art creates a sense of mysterious wonder and delight, that draws you in and makes you want to dance and dine with the characters in her world.

Theresa Mather

A professional artist since 1989, when she started her career working for 10 years in the field of antique carousel restoration, Theresa Mather creates fantasy works featuring a variety of unusual creatures. Theresa is best known for her acrylic pieces painted on feathers and stone that integrate her paintings with the natural colors and textures of the surface. She draws much of her inspiration from the world around her home in Cedar City, Utah, where she has access to hiking in many stunning national parks. She exhibits and sells her work at science fiction convention art shows across the country, exhibiting at over 70 shows a year. She enjoys the freedom to paint whatever she desires, allowing for truly personal creations. Theresa is the recipient of numerous awards, including popular choice best of show at ConJose, the 2002 Worldcon.

Shellay Maughan

Shellay is a Seattle-based artist working in a variety of media to explore the symbols of myth and magick. She has lived in the Pacific Northwest most of her life, in the forests of Washington and Idaho, and the city of Seattle. These dark and dreamy places are the emotional landscape of her art.

R.R. Meisler

R.R. Meisler – Retro Science Fiction Fantasy UFOS (Unidentified Found Object Spacecraft).

For more than 100 years, science fiction and fantasy artists have shared their future-lore, of traveling by spaceship to other planets and alien visitors from outer space, sparking the imaginations of countless fans. R.R. Meisler has spent decades collecting vintage examples of futurist streamline design from the discards of our throw-away society. Those sf/f inspired industrial designs became the inspiration for the creation of his retro U.F.O.S. (Unidentified Found Object Spacecraft).

SunnyJim Morgan

SunnyJim Morgan is an artist, shoemaker, and all-around creative eccentric living in the Olympia area. Inspired by this year’s theme, “The Longest Night,” she has created a series of fantastical leather masks. At other times, she works in a variety of media, including silk painting, mosaic, costuming, and calligraphy. All her work is supervised by a trio of interfering housecats.

Stanley Morrison Art

Stanley Morrison is a self-taught professional fantasy artist diverse in numerous mediums, including acrylic, watercolors, pencil, and oils, best known for works in scratchboard and digital. His subject matter encompasses many fantasy creatures, but especially dragons. He has done inside illustrations for many publishers, including Sovereign Press, Pale Writer, and RC Press. He has made video game creature concept art for Altura Games, gaming card art for AIG (Legend of the Five Rings) and Conquest of Arthenia, etching kit images for Royal & Landnickel, and many other illustrations. Stanley’s work is currently for sale at Shop of Wonders in Universal’s Islands of Adventure Theme Park in Orlando, Florida, and Fae’s Cabinet in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Catherine Guevara, known as Nisnow on online platforms, is a Filipino American artist living in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States and currently studying computer science. They are a freelance digital artist who illustrates and designs fantasy and tabletop roleplaying-game characters, and illustrates for the YouTube channel Man on the Internet. Nisnow loves incorporating character, storytelling, color, and dramatic lighting into their work.

Brittany Otto

Since 2016, Brittany Otto has been working with hand-cut paper sculpture and light to create portals into fantastical worlds, pulling inspiration from her love of the natural world and fantasy. The images she creates allow her to speak clearly and honestly about what she feels. The challenge of transforming hard, cold paper into soft edges and warm lines provides an endless series of puzzles. She cuts every line by hand, a complex and organic process that makes the art feel timeless and meditative. The lighting is the capstone that imbues her art with life and color. Her work shines brightest when surrounded by darkness.

Dolan Pondsmith

Dolan Pondsmith specializes in character illustration. She has worked on comics, illustrations, character design, and more. Her passion is working with the public on commissions to bring individual ideas to life. She started in pen, pencil, and Copic markers. She has expanded since to watercolor, acrylic, inks, digital, and other traditional art methods. She is based in Seattle.

Ragnarok Studio

Deborah Fay Morales is a self-taught artist whose pen and ink drawings and acrylic paintings bring the world of fantasy to life. Extremely detailed pen and ink drawings are her specialty. After finishing a mind-bending large piece in black and white, she will dive into the refreshing rainbow of an acrylic creation. Deborah was a member of Gallery 360 from 2007–2017 and a member of The Artist Loft gallery from 2018 until its closure due to the pandemic. She participated in exhibitions at the Vancouver Community Library, the Hilton Hotel in Vancouver, Washington, and Splendorporium in Portland, Oregon. She is working on a high-fantasy novel inspired by her drawings.


Scarletrabbit creates fine lace crochet and beaded Victorian, steampunk, and gothic-style accessories for costuming and fancy dress, including floral crowns, wrist cuffs, reticules, skull doilies, chokers, and more. She uses cotton crochet thread and primarily glass-faceted and Swarovski beads, with occasional silver and metal accents. Her creations are her original designs.