Norwescon 42

The Pacific Northwest’s Premier Science-Fiction and Fantasy Convention

What is Norwescon?

It’s a con! Well…okay, sure. But what does that mean? Norwescon is the Pacific Northwest’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention and one of the largest regional science fiction and fantasy conventions in the United States. While maintaining a primarily literary focus, Norwescon is large enough to provide a venue for many of the other aspects of science fiction and fantasy and the interests of its fans such as anime, costuming, art, gaming, and much, much more. Norwescon is held every Easter weekend. Norwescon 42 will be April 18–April 21, 2019. Our theme this year is “Don’t Forget Your Towel”. We hope you can join us!

Guests of Honor

Our confirmed Guests of Honor for Norwescon 42 are Mary Robinette Kowal (Writer), Tran Nguyen (Artist), Dan Koboldt (Science), Nancy Pearl (Special), Neil Clarke (Honored Professional) and Subterranean Press (Spotlight Publisher). More information can be found on our Guests of Honor page. There’s also our Guest of Honor banquet!

The Philip K. Dick Awards

Norwescon has had the honor of hosting the Philip K. Dick Awards since 1984. The Philip K. Dick Award and Special Citation is presented annually for distinguished science fiction books published for the first time in the United States as a paperback original. The award is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, and the ceremony is sponsored by the Northwest Science Fiction Society and held annually at Norwescon. For more information, please see our Philip K. Dick Awards page.

Panels and Events

Norwescon features over 500 hours of panel programming presented by more than 200 panelists, covering such diverse subjects as science fiction, fantasy, science, costuming, art, writing, genre television, and movies, as well as many other topics of interest to fans. Our programming also includes writing workshops, the Single Pattern Contest, a film festival, concerts and music workshops, and programming especially for the younger fans. For more information, including how you can volunteer to be a panelist or presenter, please see our Programming page.


The Norwescon Masquerade is the highlight of Saturday night at Norwescon. It is open to all convention members of all costuming skill levels. Cosplay, original creations, humor, action, pathos, and more! For more information, including Masquerade entrance rules, please see our Masquerade page.


Each year, Norwescon offers four full days of almost non-stop games, covering RPGs, card games, LARPs, board games, and much, much more! For more information on our plans for this year’s plans, please see our Games page.


Norwescon offers a number of chances to meet and interact with local artists in Art in Action; shopping for books, collectibles, memorabilia, clothing, and more from a wide range of vendors in the Dealers’ Room; the Art Show, featuring artwork from local and world-famous artists, with both originals and prints available for sale; and the many lobby tables from local organizations. For more information please see our Exhibitors pages.

Hotel and Location

Norwescon 42 once again makes its home at the DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport conveniently located in SeaTac, Washington. Hotel reservations are open, so if you’d like to stay on-site with us, please see our Hotel page for reservation details and directions!

Policies and Guidelines

Our Policies and Guidelines page includes links to our Membership Guide, our full Policies and Procedures guide, and our Harassment Policy, Accessibility Guidelines, Weapons Policy, and Photography Guidelines.

More FAQs

We’ve rounded up and posted answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Norwescon. Have a question? See if we answer it there, and if not, feel free to get in touch!

Norwescon 43:
April 9–12, 2020, SeaTac, WA

Register for Norwescon 43!

Pre-registration for Norwescon 43 is open! Just $70 for a full four-day weekend membership!

Norwescon 42 is done, but Norwescon 43 is already less than a year away! We’re currently in our post-con “recover and remember what sleep is like” stage, but keep an eye out here and on our social media channels for NWC43 hotel room reservation and Guest of Honor announcements in the near future!

Norwescon 42:
Don’t Forget Your Towel!
April 18–21, 2019, SeaTac, WA

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