The Norwescon 43 Virtual Space is Open!

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Have you ever shown up to Norwescon on Wednesday? Spent some time wandering around the hotel, saying hello to friends, seeing how things were set up, and generally getting the lay of the land? Well, you can do that this year too! (Just not at the hotel, please. They will be very confused.)

NWC43 Program Book Cover

Download your NWC43 souvenir program book! (138MB .pdf)

We have just opened our Airmeet virtual convention space! Over the next few hours, many of the staff and vendors will be present, making some final tweaks and making sure we’re ready to start the convention tomorrow, and we’ll be leaving the Airmeet space open after that to allow you to come in and start looking around and getting used to the virtual environment.

Start at the Norwescon home page, and then follow the links to our virtual space and start exploring what Norwescon has to offer this year. We’re excited to be able to let you start getting a feel for this year’s convention before we kick off our programming tomorrow!

Plus: The Norwescon 43 souvenir program book is now available to download (138MB .pdf)! We weren’t going to let this year go by without our usual program book packed with artwork, biographies of our Guests of Honor, pros, panelists, and performers, information about the convention, and more. It’s a download (and a good-sized one, we don’t recommend trying to grab it on your phone) instead of a physical book in your swag bag, but just as gorgeous as ever. Download yours today (138MB .pdf)!