The Schedule is Live!

This entry was published on March 21, 2021 and may be out of date. For the most current information on this year's Norwescon, please see our most recent blog posts. Thank you!

Start planning your virtual convention!

The hard work of our programming and special events departments is online now. We are thrilled to bring you the kind of schedule you have come to expect from Norwescon. Check out our four day lineup of panels, events, workshops, and concerts, and keep an eye out over the next days for game schedules, our Twitch channel schedule, and more!

Update: Norwescon 43 has gone mobile! Schedule, maps, reminders and more on your iPhone/Android, free! Get the Guidebook app and download our guide for the most current schedule for #nwc43!

14 thoughts on “The Schedule is Live!”

    • There do seem to be some oddities with the web version; we recommend the mobile app. All participants are loaded in and visible in our testing of the app on both iOS and Android. I hope your experience improves!

    • Well, that’s both good and bad to know. Thank you, though! I’ll pass that on, though there may not be much we can do other than pass it up the chain to Guidebook and hope they can fix it. Sorry for the hassle!

  1. I see what happened. I though I had downloaded it but was still using the web page on the phone. Sorry. I hope you get the desktop version fixed though.

    • Hi jsjones85–Guidebook editor for Norwescon here. I found the same issue with the website application of Guidebook and brought it to the attention of the developers. This is a known issue to them, and they are working on a technical fix, but it will not be implemented by the start of Norwescon. Sorry about that! The full list of attending panelists and performers is accessible through the mobile app. The panelists and performers that got cut off the list on the website (which is most of them) are still accessible through the links to the panels on which they are appearing, if you find them that way.

      Thanks for sticking with us!

    • Hi Diane – Starting at Noon today (PDT), go to the main page ( – the main page will change, and there will be a button to enter Airmeet there. See you soon!

  2. When I tried to Enter Event, the form asked for my Professional Title, Organization, City, Country. What do I do? Thanks

    • Hi Diane! Title and Organization should have been pre-filled for you, please don’t change those. You can set your City and Country to anything you want — it doesn’t have to be a real-world location.

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