You’re Invited to a Party!

This entry was published on February 20, 2019 and may be out of date. For the most current information on this year's Norwescon, please see our most recent blog posts. Thank you!

Please join us on Sunday, April 14 for fun and games as we take pieces of paper, paperback books, buttons and coupons and marry them together to form the packets that everybody receives at Registration. The more people we have, the faster it will go. Be the first in your neighborhood to see what sort of goodies everyone will receive. Cop a button or two advertising the next big movie. We might even have the latest programming grids on the wall for your perusal.

Working at the stuffing party counts towards hours worked at the con. Norwescon volunteers receive perks like early seating at the Masquerade and are entered into drawings for many items donated by Norwescon dealers. The drawings take place early Sunday afternoon of the con.

Stuffing will start at approximately 1:00pm, although volunteers are advised to arrive a bit early to find a good spot.

How to Submit Items

If you or your organization has fliers or other material that you wish to include in the packets, you may either arrange to get them to the Norwescon Logistics Department by Thursday, April 10, or bring them to the hotel yourself April 14 by no later than noon.

If you wish to mail in materials, please send them to:

Jamie Morgan
c/o Morpac Industries
117 Frontage Rd N, Building A
Pacific, WA  98047
If the shipment is very large and/or more than 200lbs, you must inform the Norwescon Logistics department at ahead of time. Required information is what the shipment contains, who is sending it, the estimated arrival date, the shipping company, and the shipping company tracking number.

If you are unable to ship your items, or unable to attend the stuffing party and wish to hand-deliver materials in advance, please also contact the Norwescon Logistics department to make arrangements. We would appreciate advanced notification of any materials that are brought to the stuffing party or mailed in advance, but that is not a requirement.

NOTE: Norwescon reserves the right to reject any material deemed unsuitable or inappropriate. Any materials placed in the registration packets must be appropriate and suitable for a mixed audience of SF&F fen, including those under 18. Norwescon does not sort the packets by age of recipient or any other demographic criteria. Non-SF&F-related commercial or political materials may not be accepted. If you are at all concerned about your material, please submit a sample for review in advance to Any materials not reviewed in advance will be reviewed at the stuffing party and may be rejected at that time.

Organizations that wish to include items in our swag bags are asked to help with the stuffing if feasible, but that is not a requirement. We usually stuff around 2,800 bags each year.

Other Information

Please note there is a discounted charge of $8.00 for parking at the hotel.

For directions and a map, please click this link.