Norwescon 2018 Camping Trip!

Norwescon WebmonkeysBlog, Executive Team

2018 Camping Trip

Want to connect with the Norwescon community more than once a year? Do you like nature? Join us for a camping trip — a few days out in nature, with all your nerdy friends, and nothing to do but catch up on your summer reading and cook food over an open fire! Sounds great, right?

Norwescon has reserved the group site at Taidnapam Park for August 3 to 5. Bring your tent and sleeping bags, your summer reading, your campfire cuisine, and spend a couple of days chilling out in the woods with us!

If you’re interested, please contact SunnyJim Morgan to sign up. This event is open to all members of the Norwescon community.

The details:

  • Please e-mail if you’d like to come.
  • Plenty of space!  We’ve got a covered shelter, picnic tables, fire pit, showers and bathrooms close by.
  • Taidnapam Park is about 110 miles south of Tacoma in Lewis County, near the town of Morton.
  • Alcohol is allowed; radios (or other amplified music) aren’t. Bring your own food, tents, etc.
  • Check-in time is 2:30 p.m., check-out is 1 p.m. These are firm times.
  • There’s a horseshoe pit, and hiking trails, and other attractions. Bring your summer reading!
  • There will be a small fee for camping; how much depends largely on how many people come (the more who come, the less expensive it gets).

You can join the event listing on Facebook.